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Pomelo varieties

February 1, 2010

I'm living in Southern California and would like to know what kind of Pomelo is the best ( I mean the fruit is sweet) and is easy to grow in this climate. Thanks

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  • fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

    I like Chandler but haven't tried anything else. To me the fruit isn't real sweet but not sour. More just mild.

  • Sandra Tran

    I have a Chinese Pumelo and an Oro Blanco grapefruit from 4Winds. They are both very sweet with low to no acidity and none of the bitter taste afterwards. The best way to decide which ones you would like to grow is to purchase the different varieties at the local store and compare them. To me that is the only way you can tell the difference between one and the other.


  • softmentor

    Chandler is the biggest, but not the best tasting to me. I like Red Shaddock, but Tahitian has moved to the top of my list and even into the top 5 list of all my citrus. Tahitian has a surprisingly thin skin for a pummelo, more like a grapefruit. It's very large, almost as big as Chandler, with a mildly tart/sweet flavor that has a hint of grape fruit or lemon but is light, refreshing and distinct. From the pummelo/shaddock family I have

    African Shaddock
    Red Shaddock
    and Oro Blanco which is a hybrid.

  • rasakili

    Hey softmentor, would you be willing to trade some seeds?

  • tantanman

    The best tasting pomelo I ever tried, by far, was a Hirado buntahn. Supposedly from Indonesia, but the Vietnamese around here say it is exactly like those from their homeland. Dec. '08 there was a citrus tasting in Houston Heidi Shesely brought one and cut it up. The entire large room which held about 45 people became filled with this fantastic odor of delicious pumelo. It is slightly sheepnosed and when cut has a pale pinkish ring around the outside of the fruit with whitish colored center. Kind of like a wekiwa but larger and aromatic.

    Number two is Chandler (Red). Number three AZ. Number four Siamese. Last two white.

  • malcolm_manners

    I always feel so pedantic when I say it, and I think everyone here knows what is being discussed, so surely don't want to step on any toes. But just for the sake of correctness, and helpfulness in looking up literature, remember that "pomelo" is the old name for a grapefruit (C. paradisi). "Pummelo" is the shaddock, under discussion here (C. grandis or C. maxima). And "pumelo" is not a word describing citrus.

    That being said, we grow Hirado Buntan, which I really like.

  • summer_fashion

    Is there anywhere in the U.S where I can buy Pomelo to grow,and also to eat? I think I'd like to try growing Pomelo. I live in Zone 5, can anyone tell me what is the best way to grow Pomelo in a cold area (Zone 5)?

  • Andrew Scott

    Hello Summerfashion,
    I would recommend the Oro Blanco from Four Winds. Meyer Mike has a post on this fruit. He has been growing it in a similiar zone with great sucess. I bought one a few months ago and the size of the trees is great. I bet you could get a fruit to hole in a year. The blossoms are big and sweetly scented and best of all, if they are happy, they can flower more than once a year. I will be the first to admit that I thought Four Winds is expensive but the tree is well worth the cost. I have yet to try the fruit but I have heard that it is nice and sweet with no bitter after taste.

  • pomelo_china

    hello,is there anybody interested in China Pomelo? We have an orchard in Pinghe County,Fujian Province(located in the southeast of China).
    Guanxi Pomelo is nice looking and taste,it's famous in China,hope you will also like it. ;)
    Email: liviaji(at)xfart.com

  • jlgarden53

    I do not think we can bring fruits or tree back into US. Had lived in HongKong for few years in the past, I really love that Chinese 'Honey Pomelo'. They were best during the Chinese New Year.
    I had read from Dave's Garden that 'Chinese Grapefruit' at 4Winds is the same as Chinese Honey Pumelo. Will someone confirm that.

  • pip313

    I'm bumping this fine pomelo thread to ask a question.

    I would like to know what variety the red pomelo from Sunkist is.

    it seems more pink than red.

    it is seedless (aborted seeds)

    green rind

    wider than tall but basically round

    red shaddock is supposed to be more red

    hirado buntan isn't supposed to be seedless

  • johnmerr


    Sunkist pink pomelo is almost surely Chandler.

  • pip313

    The one you wanted.

    its a nice pomelo. Thanks for the suggestion on it being chandler. I'm gonna look up chandler and confirm.

  • contadinak

    I just harvested my first Tahitian Pummelos today from a graft I did a few years ago, and while I'm not an expert with Pummelos, I am now a huge fan. They were unique, juicy, seedy but worth it, delicious, and the flesh was a beautiful light chartreuse.

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