Question for Dr. Manners re node count

Malcolm, so good to hear your comments on this forum! I was just in Orlando for a conference last weekend and it passed thru my head how cool it would be to get down to Lakeland and pay you a visit. Didn't have time though.

I have a question for you regarding the 'node count' issue for a citrus seedling to bloom and bear fruit. I'm not sure I'll be able to articulate this very well. My understanding on this was that the node count would begin at the seed and continue up to the tip of a branch (in a linear fashion). So in order for that particular branch to bear, it would have to be either a certain height or satisfy a certain node count (from the seed). This would be regardless of the total number of nodes (or leaves) on the entire tree, right? In other words, if a particular branch finally begins to bear, there may be a much shorter branch near the ground level that has not yet had its own 'node count' satisfied, and thus it would still not be able to bear (nor would it likely ever). So for citrus trees raised from seed, most of the fruit would be born near the upper part of the tree. Is this a correct assumption?

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