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Gold in my hand...

April 20, 2013

Four years ago I sowed some seeds of a Pinus mugo 'Zundert'.
About 10% of these seedlings were also yellow in colour.
I selected the best ones in groups:




There was one which was the cream of the crop to me.
I selected this one as the best of all these seedlings because of it's very nice curved needles.
Pinus mugo 'Filip's Light Shines'

Comments (21)

  • Jon 6a SE MA

    Edwin, your good work has been richly rewarded.


  • gardener365

    I really like the name Edwin. That's the one I'd of selected as-well. Is that the same one in the last photo, furthest right side?


  • jinxz5

    Beautiful plant Edwin. I hope it Shines in my garden someday. Jay

  • hungrymind

    Edwin, very nice selection. They all look great,I can see the better in the photo. What happens to the 2nd and 3rd..... choices, do they get names? It would shock a broom hunter with the many projects you have like this. Feel free to shock us with more of these projects!LOL. I love the back ground in the last photo also! Thanks!


  • barbaraincalif

    Edwin is definitely a golden boy! He makes it look so easy, but there is a great amount of time, effort, and talent behind the new cultivars he grows.
    I'd be proud to have any 'Filip's' in my garden someday too!


  • PRO
    David Olszyk, President, American Conifer Society

    very nice!

    Hopefully the twist is a permanent feature of the plant as it matures.


  • ogcon

    Wow....so much color intensity at the needle base also,its
    quite a jewel.Are the photos current as of this week?Doug

  • maple_grove_gw

    Very, very nice. One I'd like to see in my garden too, someday...

    It will be very interesting to see its size and shape as it continues to develop.


  • liopleurodon

    Those are very beautiful indeed!

    Great job Edwin!

  • sluice

    Great color!

  • dietzjm

    Nice job, Edwin! All of the plants pictured are beautiful, but the 'Filip's Light Shines' is especially nice. Your seed propagation work is inspiring.

  • Cher

    Those are some choice looking seedlings.

  • coniferjoy

    Thanks you friends for your nice comments!
    I'm very glad that I'm not the only one who likes the 'Filip Light Shines' very much :0)

    Dax, the one in my hand isn't the same as at the third pic on the right side.
    Indeed, they look pretty simular, but that one has it's needles less curved, they're more twisted.
    It could be a nice one as well, time will tell...

    Rob, all these seedlings will be repotted soon and I'll watch them for the next couple of of years if they're worth to give them a cultivar name.
    Sowing conifers is always fun, you know never in advance what you're gonna get. :0)
    In the back ground you see the stock plants of the Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Filip's Golden Tears' and Pinus sylvestris 'Candlelight'.

    Barabara, you're right, all this looks so easy when you see these pics, but it's the opposite.
    All together it's a lot of work, collecting cones, harvesting seeds, sowing the seeds, uppotting the seedlings, selecting the seedlings, and then the hardest parts of all: to give them a nice cultivar name ;0)

    Dave, from it's second year on I saw that the 'Filip's Light Shines' was differend from all the others.
    At that time it already showed these curved needles.
    from now on it can only get better :0)

    Doug, those pics ware taken a week ago.
    We still have a cold spring here in The Netherlands which will make the golden colour still very intense.

    Alex, It will be very interesting indeed to see its size and shape as it continues to develop.
    Next year I'll make some new pics again how it will look like then.

    Matt,thanks for your compliment about my seed propagation work.
    With showing these pics I hope to inspire other members of this forum to do the same thing.
    Like said before, it's real fun and worth the effort :0)

    Rob, speaking about projects; sowing conifer seeds is one, the others are hunting for witches'brooms and hunting for special conifers in the forests.
    The pics of these huntings I showed last winter were also worth the time and effort, the result was enormous!
    In the meanwhile my buddy Erik spotted some real new beauties as well, harvesting those will take place in February next year.
    Man, life is way to short if you're doing things like this...

  • hungrymind

    Edwin,all I know is I started way too late in life. So many other interest/hobbies,its not like I wasted my time. Life is very short,having nothing to do is not an option! I love all the projects this forum shows.Some of these projects might carry on for hundreds of years! This would be a shame to miss!


  • coniferjoy

    Rob, you're absolutely right!

    I was wondering if somebody else here at this forum has experiences in sowing conifer seeds...

  • unprofessional

    I'm always a bit surprised that there aren't more purposeful crosses in conifers.

  • coniferjoy

    Jon, you're right.
    Theoritical seen there are a lot of possibilities in crossing conifers...
    My Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Filip's Golden Tears' was a cross between a narrow blue-ish green weeping one and a yellow upright one...and there it was...a yellow narrow weeping one!

  • unprofessional

    It's a beauty. I'd love to get something with the form of P. glauca 'Pendula' but with a good yellow.

  • ogcon

    Edwin,unless its a trade secret,what sort of numbers are you talking to allow for this sort of outcome?Are you sowing
    out in the thousands or much less?The cones on my 'Zundert' are suddenly looking more interesting.Doug

  • coniferjoy

    Doug, somethimes it's out in the thousends, somethimes it's only a couple of seeds I've availlable for sowing.

    It's very important to take extra care to keep the seedlings alive for the first couple of months, in this perios they're very fragile.

    BUT the most important thing in doing this is to have a lot of patience.

    Doing things like this is just like digging for gold, somethimes you find nothing, other times you find something interesting...

  • coniferjoy

    This is another beauty which I found between seedlings 6 years ago:
    Pinus sylvestris 'Filip's Blue Globe'

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