once cut down, how long are Black Walnut roots toxic?

8 years ago


This is my first posting. Last week my husband cut down a black walnut tree because we had 3 beautiful young trees and several perennials die last year that were very close to the black walnut. I don't know if it is related, but last summer a storm broke off a huge section of the BW. Would that stress have caused the BW to send out more juglone? Unfortunately when I had planted those trees & perennials, I did not know about this website! Consequently, I had planted all the wrong species very close to the BW. Now that the BW has been reduced to a 1 foot tall stump, will my new plantings survive? I did choose species listed in this forum as being BW tolerant.

I have not been able to find any posting that lists tolerant annuals I could plant while waiting for these perennials to fill out. The stump is the first thing you notice when coming down our driveway! Any advice would be much appreciated.

We do have another BW 25 feet away that I have never planted anything around it. Should we cut it down now as a preventative measure?

I have learned so much from this forum in the past month. I wish I had known about it a few years ago when I started gardening. I would not have made so many costly mistakes. I'd really like to thank all of you generous gardeners for the time and energy you invest helping us newbie gardeners.


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