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Gutter Runoff

March 24, 2004

I may be in the incorrect forum, but the topics seem to be simillar to my post. I just moved into a new house. The yard stays saturated, not standing water, just saturated. I noticed that all the gutters from the house run directly into the ground. Anyone have any ideas on where all this water could be going?

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  • madscientist

    A friend of mine w/ a recently purchased house has the same problem. Ideally, gutter drains that go into the ground are connected to 'french drains' underground or something similar that channels the water away from the house. Unfortunately, if not done right and/or if the gutters funnel debris into the drains, they will plug up. If you don't know where the water drains to and that the drain is working properly, I suggest re-routing the drain pipes to surface discharge. At least then you will know when and where they empty.

  • newhomeowner2004

    You're right, I talked to the previous owner's. There is a french drain system that empties into a culvert in my neighbor's yard. I might just have a lot of grass and dirt in the pipes. Any suggestions on how to clear?

  • jbcarr

    They get clogged up at many points. The first is up in the gutters. The second is the downspout- this is by the gutter connection in many cases. If you can disconnect the bottom of the gutter as it meets the drain pipe, you can get in there, and clean out stuff. A garden hose can be worked down the pipe, and this will clear it out. Alternatively, find where it empties, and see if it is clogged there. I have worked the hose up from the bottom with success. You have a good system if it takes the water away from the foundation.

  • gw:gutterhelp_com

    You might want to try a Rain Drain. For more information follow this link.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Gutter Help. Com

  • greth_gardener

    why not direct the runoff into a rainwater tank? then you can use it to water your garden, or good drinking water or whatever?

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