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Rose Gallery

13 years ago

Since there's a lot of rose growers here, I thought we could start our own rose gallery.

Sometimes it's nice to see a variety of pics of a rose at different stages of bloom. This way I know if I "need" to get a particular rose or not!lol

Here's John Davis just starting to open.


Fully open

A full bush shot

Marie Victorin with spider friend


The thing I don't like about Marie Victorin is that the blooms fully open too quickly, it seems like in minutes. And I don't find the open flowers to be very special.

DeMontarville just opening. I love the faded edges on this rose.

I still like DeMontarville when it's open.

It has loads of buds for only it's second year. I'm really liking this one.

Love is doing really well. It's going to have 4 flowers open at once.


This one's a little more open. Notice how red the new leaves are behind it.

Bonica has more buds than I can count. I'm sure it's in the 100 range.

Even when open, I still like the shape of Bonica.

Let's see what roses are blooming in your garden.


Comments (92)

  • saskadaisy

    Everyone's roses are just lovely, and the photography is fantabulous! I've fallen completely in love with De Montarville. I don't know anything about this one - is it a hardy rose?

    I grow some of the same roses that you all do, so I thought I'd share a little different presentation. Another hobby I dabble in now and then is digital scrapbooking. I made two layouts showing some of my roses.

    This first one was made using a kit by Roberta D'Achille of Scrapbook Elements. It's a scraplift of a layout she did, and I have her permission to scraplift (to copy) hers. I made the beaded wire word "Roses" myself, using some beads from the kit.


    This next one was made from two kits by Bette Duganitz, also of Scrapbook Elements. It was so fun to do. The fimstrip I don't remember where I got, but it had the name Denise attached to it.

    Digital scrapbookers are supposed to give credit to the designers of the kits that are used. So that's why I've mentioned these names. Thanks for looking!

  • Laurie_z3_MB

    Peggy, those scrapbook pages are wonderful! Very creative idea.
    Oh, btw, De Montarville is indeed a hardy rose. I believe it's part of the explorer series.

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  • sierra_z2b

    Peggy, Your scrapebook pages are very pretty! Have you ever tried designing your own as part of the craft?

    Very nice roses everyone.


  • Laurie_z3_MB

    I have to throw in a couple more pictures of Hawkeye Belle. It's putting on an amazing amount of new growth and I'm so impressed with it.
    Here's a full shot of the bush. The top of the new growth is a good 3 feet tall.

    And another shot of those perfectly formed flowers.

  • sazzyrose

    Laurie, your bush looks amazing. Mine is budded and I am awaiting the first blooms. I reaaly like Scentimental as well.

    Nicolas- This one is alot like Morden Cardinette but with a tad bit of a more orange hue.

    Morden Centennial.

    Prarie Peace. The rose has more petals now and more colours.


  • sazzyrose

    Some of my bushes are putting on quite the show.


    Adelaide Hoodless. One of my first roses. One thing that I don't like about this rose is that the branches get quite tall and have to be tied. But the blooms make up for it.

    John Cabot. This was my very first rose bush.This is the 17th summer I've had this one. The trellis that I have is
    8 ft tall. Thank goodness I took this picture earlier, because we had a wind storm today and it isn't so pretty right now.

    John Davis. It is a bit on the small side this year. I put it in a different obelisk and damaged it when I removed the old one.


    A new rose with the first bloom. Jacques Cartier. I was expecting it to be more pink. I guess we'll see what happens as the summer passes.

  • sazzyrose

    I finally got some nice shots of Marie Victorin.



    These were taken this morning. But they blow open really fast and slowly fade to almost white.

    Royal Edward. Last year I fell in love with this little ground crawler. It hasn't been very productive this year.


  • Crazy_Gardener

    Just lovely everyone!!!

    Here's a few more taken today...

    Morden Centennial

    Champlain Explorer

    Dr. Merkley, looks like a cabbage rose.

    Henry Kelsey

    Fimbriata, known as the 'Carnation Rose', powerful fragrance.


  • vrie

    OK that is not fair! I want so many things now! Looks like the kids will lose another section of lawn to mow LOL!

    I do believe the harrison's yellow is the bush. Hmmm, where will it go next spring LOL.

    I just came back from 2 weeks vacation and miss all american beauty is blooming prettily. My bush roses turned a bit yellow though. My unnamed rose that died back this winter has come back in force and is covered in blooms-- that fade and blow fast I'm afraid! I'm still waiting on the arctic fire. And of course the wild roses sitting in the background are long done and trying to RUN!

    I haven't had time or nice enough weather (hot and windy!) to get out and take many more pics yet. I took a few when I got home, but I've been weeding since. So they aren't that great and I also can't get the top pic to turn for me!

  • sazzyrose

    My collection of Buck Roses. I love them all.
    Prairie Star


    Golden Unicorn

    Country Dancer


    Distant Drums


    Prairie Princess

    Aunt Honey

    Carefree Beauty

    Hawkeye Belle


  • fernsk

    Okay - you people are truly bad news. I think that I have to figure out how to turn my cottage garden plan into a ROSE GARDEN - 1 Rose peshaw - how can I limit myself to one now that I've seen all these beauties.

    Thanks loads - more planning required


  • savona

    A few more ..
    Morden Sunrise..purchased this year (replacing one that I lost)
    Henry Kelsey just opening up..anyone else finding this one a very slow grower?..I've had it 2 years and it still pretty small
    Sir Thomas Lipton..smells great
    mystery rose..last year we dug up some "yellow" rose canes and several people in the family took mil didnt mention there was a pink rose growing in this area that we got this one from (from a lot that was getting demolished and we were told to help our selves)..any one have a clue what this one could be?..the blooms are rather small and open up to a light pink
    F.J.Grootendorst..a hard rose to take pictures of
    Still waiting for the buds to open on the Topaz Jewel and Adelaide Hoodless..savona

  • sazzyrose



    Rugelda. A new one this year.


    America. The first bloom even thouhg it wintered well. I had to bareroot it because some perennial morning glories were starting to strangle the poor thing.


    Lambert Closse again. This is one of my favorite Explorers.

  • valleyrimgirl

    I am just thoroughly enjoying everyone's pictures of roses. I will post some later on when I am a little more caught up in the yard with weeding and picking berries.

    I just have Morden roses. I haven't tried any others. But, when I do, I am going to come back to this thread and brouse all the wonderful pictures you all posted here.


  • sazzyrose

    Henry Kelsey. I bought this one last year as The Hunter and once it bloomed I knew that it wasn't. After searching and looking at other peoples roses locally I finally identified it. I think by next year when it fills out more it will be one of my favorites.

    A shot of my other Folksinger. This one has a more peach hue.

    Champlain. Alot like Morden Cardinette and Nicolas.

    America. This time I managed to capture the coral colour.
    I found out that oranges need to be shot in bright conditions.

    William Booth. A new one for me this year. Once it grows bigger, I'm sure that it will look outstanding. It is showing lots of vigor.

    Topaz Jewel. The flower petals don't last as long as alot others but I love it.

    Peace. A stingy bloomer but the wait is worth it.

    Quadra. This is ones of my all time favorites. I now have 4 of these.

  • sazzyrose

    Aonother shot of Carefree Beauty. This one has nice eyelashes.

    Marie Bugnet. The flowers are a little on the small side.

  • Crazy_Gardener

    Don't you just love Roses.

    Here is Morden Centennial



  • sazzyrose

    You know that I love roses Sharon.
    Savona, I too am finding that Henry Kelsey is a slow starter. It has height this year but very few canes.

    Royal Edward.


    RE has been a slow starter, but it is now starting to take off.

    I wish this guy would have found a new home other than in this Country Dancer bud.

  • northspruce

    Ewww gross, I got some of those little pests in my rose buds this year too.

    Shelley, are you sure the rose you posted is 'Peace'? Peace is supposed to be pale yellow and pale pink blend... I think your photo looks like 'Chicago Peace' or even 'Glowing Peace'?? Anyway, wow what a great colour!

  • vrie

    I was going to come and post my new arctic fire now that it's opening up-- but it got sunburnt. So, does anyone have one I could see?

    Now I have a new bed for next year, I'm going to have to look for some pale or white roses! You give me so many ideas!

  • sazzyrose

    It is Peace. I have posted another picture of a full flower from the same plant. The rose bush that I am wondering if it is mislabled is Serendipity. It looks more like Aloha to me and nothing like it's name.
    I got this one from Cedar Hollow. It looks the same there as well as on HMF/roses.Hhhmmmmm. What do you think?
    Sorry, I don't have Artic Fire.

  • sazzyrose

    My lighter coloured roses are just lovely now. The colours are more intense without the heatwave.
    Morden Sunrise

    Yellow Submarine

    Rugelda. I am really liking this rose. It's colouring is somewhat like Peace.



    Abraham Darby. Nice and full.


    Golden Unicorn is putting on quite the show for being new. I would have to say that it is my most fragrant rose.


    And Hope for Humanity. I love the blood red colour.

  • marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

    I have a few roses, but haven't contributed to this thread yet. Here's a picture of J.P. Connell. He's been in a container all summer because i haven't figured out a permanent home for him yet. He wasn't happy in the nursery container, but when i repotted him, he really took off. He was full of blooms last week:

    Miss Sunrise has struggled all summer, but here she is with a beautiful coral bud today:

  • fernsk

    wow - seeing the picture of JP Connell confirms that I would like to include him in my "in planning stage" "miniature cottage garden". I also want to include Lambert Closse which was what got me hooked to begin with. Shelly thanks for the wonderful picture of Quadra - I'm hoping to grow that in an obelisk or on a trellis for some height. Are most of the roses you post pictures of hardy? I recognize the names of the Mordens/Parklands and the Explorers but are some of your other ones hardy? Rugelda is awesome!!!


  • sazzyrose

    I'm hoping that all of my roses are hardy here, Fern. This winter will be the test. Last winter was mild so,it wasn't a true test plus I added some more tender varieties.
    I would put Quadra with an obelisk or trellis. My two older ones got fairly tall this year and fell over. But it is an awesome rose.
    I moved my 5 year old JP Connell this spring from beside my house into the garden hoping that I would get a second flush. It worked. First it dropped all of it's leaves and then bloomed. Then it grew the leaves back and is just going to start blooming again.
    I'm happy to report that my last year Prairie Star really hasn't quite blooming since it started. And the flowers last forever.
    Rugelda is new for me this year. Hardiness???? I think it is listed as a zone 4. I love the colouring on it. It seems to be a steady bloomer.
    FJ Grootendorst finally started blooming. I moved it and it didn't like it. Last year it was blood red. But this year it is blooming dark pink. Maybe I have a sport happening.


    Kaleidoscope is another new rose for me this spring.


    It has colouring somewhat like Distant Drums.

  • marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

    Shelley, my JP lost all the leaves on one stem after it bloomed too. What a strange trait!

  • fernsk

    Shelly - do you mind if I ask you where you buy most of your roses? Do you usually plant them as a potted plant or as a bare root? and also since you seem to be from around my neck of the woods with your zone - is it too late to plant roses now? Thanks for any insight you can offer


  • sazzyrose

    I have bought most of my roses locally from greenhouses. It is a preference of mine. The bushes are larger when I buy them and put on a better show. I have bought roses from the chain stores, but the results are usually not what I hope. They take years to catch up to the greenhouse grown ones. I do mail orders when I can't find what I am looking for here. Such as the Bucks. I've ordered from Valley K Greenhouses and Cedar Hollow Rose Farms for these different varieties . Next spring I might also look at ordering from Corn Hill Nursery or Old Rose Nursery.
    Kaleidoscope was ordered bareroot from Dominion Seed House. I must say that it was huge when I recieved it. The bud union was as large as my fist. If there is anything that interests me from there next year, I will not hestitate to order from them again.
    I also ordered Golden Unicorn and Jacques Cartier bareroot from Lindenberg. This year is my first experience with bareroot roses.
    Overall for performance, I perfer local greenhouse roses, mail order greenhouse roses, bareroot roses and then lastly chain store roses. Honestly, unless I cannot find a rose anywhere else, I will not buy them from the chain stores again. The rose roots are hacked off to fit into the pots.
    As far as planting late summer or early fall, I personally have never tried it with roses. But why not try. It is growing in a pot and you won't be up rooting the plant. The roots should be able to spread a bit in the ground yet. I don't know if I would try it on the more tender varieties, but the hardier ones should do okay. It is a type of tree, and I plant them all the time in the early fall.
    Are there any good sales on now?

  • fernsk

    Thanks for the insight Shelly,

    One of the greenhouses has a 2 for one sale and they have Lambert Closse, J.P. Connell and Quadra. If I cannot decide on 2 out of three I might need to think of one more to plant. Gosh to fit that in I might need to not include the clematis - but the Quadra should provide height. I will think this through...


  • Joan Dupuis

    Holy cow, I can't believe you folks in zones 2 and 3 are growing these Tea roses. How much protection/pampering do you need to do to get them to overwinter outside. Although I'm considered zone 4b, I have not had a lot of luck with roses, unless I plant them up against the house. There were sooo many beautiful roses shown in this Rose Gallery, I can't decide which to try. I have JP Connell, Champlain and Morden Blush out in a long bed amongst other perennials, oh and John Cabot. They overwinter ok without protection, but you've all got me wanting MORE. I have Tropicana and another not sure of the name, I thought it was Peace or Chicago Peace, but the flower opens up like a mauvy color. These two are just starting to bud/bloom again. Need to check out some of the on line nurseries mentioned here. I'm sure I'll be back to this thread several times to drool.

  • fernsk

    What a beautiful rose you have there. I too have come often to "drool" over the rose pictures here. I just have to get brave and try to grow a few ... but it is so hard to decide on which ones to try


  • Crazy_Gardener

    Roseraie De L'Hay, very fragrant!

    Hawkeye Belle Buck is blessing me with more blooms before the long sleep.

    Same with Quadra, blooming its heart out.


  • sazzyrose

    I apoligize for moving my first bunch of photo's around. But my second set that went missing is still in the same place in photo bucket. I have more of them to post.
    FJ Grootendorst. All of the buds have been bloonming dark pink instead of red this year.



    The Hunter. This is such a great rose.


    Topaz Jewel. Loving this one also.


    Kaleidoscope. The two tone colouring is awesome.



    Reine des Violettes


    Morden Ruby


    And my beloved Bucks.
    Prairie Star. My bush from last year must have 2 dozen buds on now.


    Hawkeye Belle


    Carefree Beauty


    Golden Unicorn






    My Rose de Rescht is starting to finally leaf out for me. This is the rose that I thought had drowned out this spring. Maybe the weather will stay warm long enough that I might see a bloom on it.

    For me roses are the most amazing flowers. Who needs lots of other flowering plants when you have a yard full of these beauties.
    I lied. Lilies are almost as beautiful, and peonies, and iris's and daylilies and clematis's and............I'm starting to really like tulips.

  • sazzyrose

    Dang it. I posted the wrong Golden Unicorn picture. I was too much in a hurry. Heres the one I meant to post.


    Off to bed to get some shut eye.

  • fernsk

    Okay - do you order the "buck roses" from a catalogue? Hawkeye Belle is so beautiful! Does it need special care? How does it compare to Lambert Closse?


  • Laurie_z3_MB

    Fern, IMO Lambert Closse can't compare to Hawkeye Belle in flower form and longevity. The blooms on HB are tea like and will last on the bush for a week easily. It's only downfall is that it isn't scented. I know I read somewhere that it claims to have a scent, but mine doesn't. Also, HB isn't as cane hardy as LC, so winter protection will be needed.

    As for ordering Bucks from a catalogue, if you're lucky, you can find them. This past spring I picked up an own root Golden Unicorn from Lindenberg's, as I think Shelley did too. I find a lot of catalogues don't even mention the hybridizer's name, so unless you know your rose names really well, they may be hard to find. Probably the best place to order them is on-line.

  • fernsk

    Thanks for the information Laurie. Initially I wasn't going to plant anything in my new "lasagna bed" until next spring and I was going to include 1 rose - Winnipeg Parks [was a frontrunner from Garden Tours here in Saskatoon] but then I saw this wretched forum and was hooked - NEED MORE ROSES [lol]. I now desperately want to plant something this fall so that I can watch it grow next spring. That one will be a QUADRA [I'm almost 100% certain] but I do have room for at least 2 others maybe up to four in the whole yard - I have to pick carefully. Anyway I will ask at the greenhouses here whether they get Hawkeye Belle 'cause it is stunning

    Thanks again


  • sazzyrose

    Fern, I bought most of my Buck roses from Cedar Hollow Rose Farm in B.C. I did order Golden Unicorn from Lindeberg just like Laurie said. If any of the greenhouses in Saskatoon can get in Buck roses, please let me know. I'll be hounding them as well. If not, I am almost certain that I will be ordering from Cedar Hollow again after X-mas and I could include a rose for you, if you wish. My oldest daughter is in Saskatoon and I do make frequent trips to the city.
    Hawkeye Belle vs Prairie Star. I would pick Prairie Star. It is almost as full, almost the same color, but the flower petal edges do not turn brown as easy when they get wet. Plus it has a nice fragrance. This rose was my favorite last year as well as this year.

  • fernsk

    Hi all,

    I did it - bought some roses. A local greenhouse had rose bushes for sale 2 for $10.00 so I thought that I didn't have much to lose. I bought myself a Lambert Closse, J.P. Connell, Prairie Joy and a mystery plant that had the wrong tags on it [said it was a white rose] but it is gloriously in bloom - a very full inward turning rose that is a deep pink almost fushia colour. I figured that even if it wasn't hardy then I would have a beautiful show for the next month for $5.00. I also bought a friend a Persian Yellow [her brother grows it in Calgary] and a Winnipeg Parks [some people thought that mine might be that or a pale Quadra]. Anyway - they are all planted and just in time before the deluge - 5 days of rain with over 3 inches in my back yard


  • Crazy_Gardener


    Rose Hips


  • Crazy_Gardener

    Therese Bugnet strutting her Fall colours.


  • Laurie_z3_MB

    Therese's very pretty Sharon. It's kind of sad that the rose season will soon end :(

    Boy, it's taking forever for this thread to load now. It must have been a great year for roses ;^)
    Maybe next summer we'll have to do a monthly rose gallery instead?

  • Crazy_Gardener

    Thanks Laurie, yeah, I think so that we should do a monthly thread for our roses next year. I feel for those who have dial up ;)

    Nevertheless, it was a great year for roses this year!


  • CLBlakey

    This is an old thread I found there have been a few rose questions this last month thought I would revive it some nice pics.

  • ostrich

    CLBlakey - thank you for bumping this up - what a treat! Love these photos - thank you everyone for posting these wonderful pictures! Much appreciated.

  • marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

    Yes, it sure was a treat looking at them! I love these old threads. We were so much more active here a few years ago. :)

  • TanlineTracey

    Loved this too. Lots of pictures seem to be missing though

  • marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

    It's an old thread, and people delete things from their albums. Too bad!

  • mary_rockland

    Yes, so enjoyed this thread. Too bad the majority of the photos are gone.

  • prairie_northrose (3b north of Calgary AB, Canada)

    I should add some rose photos to this 2018 thread I started, [[( - I have soooo many photos!

    There are some browser add-ons/extensions to allow one to view old Photobucket photos but they are developed by third party programmers so I am wary of installing them.

    I find it’s a lot easier to insert photos into posts and comments now that houzz hosts the photos.

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