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Dark Eyes versus Dollar Princess

November 18, 2014

I have an unknown fuchsia cutting that recently had its first flower. The sepal is red, or dark pink, and the corollas are double, with purple color that later turned more lighter. I really like these flowers.

From looking at online photos of the more popular varieties that look like mines, it's possibly Dark Eyes, Dollar Princess, or Voodoo. (Or another that looks like them.) It seems like Voodoo has larger flowers, so maybe mines is not Voodoo. Anyone know how Dark Eyes and Dollar Princess are different?

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  • pyro_dave

    Here is a link for purple/red fuchsias. I grew both Dark Eyes and Dollar Princess for several years in hanging baskets. I have the plant tags in front of me now. The Dollar Princess is supposed to be an upright and slightly larger blooms. The Dark Eyes is a favorite and has a lot more blooms and is bushier. I do not know Voodoo at all.

  • djw1031

    Dark Eyes and Dollar Princess have two different purposes. Dark Eyes are a lax shrub used mainly for hanging basket with the weight of the bloom helping it to make a wonderful basket variety. Use 3 to 5 plants depending on size of container.

    Dollar Princess has a small double flower and is an upright container plant or a ground shrub in the garden. With a few exceptions most Fuchsia Plants are perennial garden plants if growing in the Pacific Northwest west of the cascades from British Columbia down to the coastal regions of Washington, Oregon and California growing best in Zones 7 and warmer, hotter climates require partial to full shade whereas the cooler coastal regions can be grown in partial to full sun when grown as a shrub. Baskets and containers probably would require more shade.

    Voodoo if available is a larger darker double fuchsia which makes an excellent basket variety. Put name of fuchsia into Google for pic and complete descriptions.

  • dennis253

    I just read your responses. Thanks for the comments. From the link for purple/ red fuchsias, a lot of fuchsias have similar colors.

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