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Vinegar as a weed killer

May 30, 2007

Vinegar is an all natural acidic product. Dumping it on the base of the plant and letting it soak into the roots will kill it. depending on the type of plant it may take 2-3 times over a period of time...

It is also good for killing weeds under a fence line so one doesnt have to use a weed whacker and also dumping it into pacing stones to kill weeds that are coming up in the cracks.

I read this tip in Mother Earth News when a reader wrote it in to them. Errr, or at least I think it was in this magazine. Anyways, I love it! But one does have to be careful not to use it to closely to wanted plants!


Comments (10)

  • sylviatexas1

    I've had great luck with vinegar.

  • j_nail

    My concern with this would be how it affects the pH of the soil. Probably not a real biggie on pathways or on fence lines, but as you already said be cautious around desired plants.

  • m_taggart

    Look for agricultural vinegar. It is 20-30% acetic acid. Store bought cooking vinegar is only 5%. You spray it on the leaves and it removes any coating on the leaf, essentially drying it out. I've heard it works wonders with no ill effects to the soil or wildlife. The trouble is that it's not approved for use as a herbicide/pesticide by the EPA and can be difficult to find.


  • ladynan

    does this work for poison ivy and poison oak as well? I have sprayed it with bleach but it keeps coming back up. I have done this for the last 3 years.

  • lorna-organic

    I've been using common white vinegar to control weeds in my gravel driveway and brick paths for many years. Yes, undiulted vinegar can kill problem plants like poison oak. However, vinegar does affect the soil. It takes about six months before anything will grow in soil which has been soaked with vinegar. Yes, use it in your driveway, between pavement cracks, or in out of the way places. Do not use it in your garden, or as a weed killer in lawn.


  • ann_cn

    I've tried that Nature's Avenger Organic Herbicide and it works! It is a new patented citrus-oil based weed killer. I sprayed it on my driveway and around my fences and my dog runs. The next day all of the weeds were dead. And it smelled like oranges. Bizarre. check out their site naturesavenger.com. They are approved by the EPA, USDA National organic Program and OMRI. They seem legit and it worked. Side note: Called them about the soil thing. Here's what they had to say. Citrus oil dissipates really quickly and it doesn't affect the soil. You can replant within 4 hours of spraying. and since it dissipates so quickly my kids and dogs can't bring it into the house. Check it out. I think it's a better alternative to Vinegar.

  • blenk2

    I've had good luck with vinegar as a weed killer, especially if I add a drop or two of dish soap. My concern, though, is this: I want to use the vinegar to kill weeds in the rock border of my driveway... where there are toads living. Will the vinegar hurt the toads?

  • herself

    Boiling water dumped on the weeds will also kill them. I've used this for the weeds that come up in my gravel walkways.

  • blenk2

    Yeah, but boiling water also kills the creatures that are living there, too.

  • driggi29

    I sure would like to know also about vinegar and if it will hurt toads. I love my toads and they do such a good job with the unwanted pests that I hate like camel crickets and spiders. I don't want o hurt them in any way!

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