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Pumpkins: how long do they stay 'good'?

July 29, 2012

I planted some a few fancy pumpkins for my fall decorations this year. Unfortunately, the squash bugs are having a field day with them. I did manage to get a few, one of which I harvested yesterday. And it's July. How long will this thing keep if I refrigerate it? Anyone know?

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  • weirdtrev

    That depends on a lot of factors. Pumpkins can last a very long time. I still have pumpkins from last year, unrefrigerated.

    To be able to answer your question accurately you need to give more information. What variety of pumpkin did you grow? Were they ripe when you picked them? Did you cure them? Are the stems solid and firm or are they shriveling/rotting away? And actually a picture would be helpful though it won't answer all the questions.

    If you had diseased plants and your pumpkins are pale orange with stems that are deteriorating you could be looking at weeks. If you have a deep orange pumpkin, free of blemishes, from a healthy plant, and the stem is deep green and firm they could easily make it until Halloween.

    Most orange pumpkins that you see in the fall are Cucurbita pepo, but there are some that are C. maxima or C. moschata. The latter two species are ones that can relatively reliably last a year for me, sometimes C. pepos do as well, but not often. The C. pepos last around 4 - 6 months if they are of good quality.

  • rstorch

    I hope this helps! Sorry for the delayed response. I've been in squash bug battle mode w my pumpkins. I have one more on the vine. Praying it makes it. And praying these stay good thru November. I'm storing them inside. Not in the fridge. Thoughts?

  • rstorch

    And I've never grown pumpkins. Not even sure when to harvest them. I just noticed these had stopped growing a while back. Worried about critters getting to them so I pulled them.

  • weirdtrev

    The refrigerator is not needed. And lucky for your those varieties are good long keepers. They are both C. maxima. They should last through Thanksgiving easy if they are pest and blemish free. Just be careful not to scrape or bruise them. Great looking pumpkins, congrats. Most people suggest curing the pumpkins, then storing them in a cool dry place (though not the fridge). However I typically keep mine where I can see and enjoy them, and they seem to keep just as well.

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