grass cultivars that come true from seed...

Hey all!

I was wondering what ornamental grass cultivars you guys have grown from seed? Have they come true? If not, what did they look like? Were they much different from the parent cultivar in looks?

I ask for two reasons. The first is that I want to add a couple more ornamental grasses to my garden (might even make an o. grass bed out in the front yard next year) and would love to know if I can grow any cultivars by seed. I'm especially interested in knowing about some of the perennial Pennisetums, but would be very interested in hearing about all other kinds of grass too.

Second reason I ask is that I have started a seed database over on the winter sowing forum for Cultivars (of all kinds of plants) that come true from saved seed and what they look like if they do NOT come true to form. I would love to add any information you guys give here to my list, if that is okay with you.

Thanks much!


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