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Scarlet Runner Bean vines for Hummers ??

15 years ago

Is it true that hummingbirds love love love scarlet running bean vines for the red flowers (nectar) ?? I have 2 feeders that I put up each year but could not last year because had a hip replacement. I will put the feeders back up this year but also wanted to plant this scarlet runner bean vine if it is really true that the hummers love it. Please advise.



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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
    15 years ago

    Yes, they are attracted to and feed from scarlet runner beans. Also hyacinth bean, Dolichos lablab.

    I find scarlet runners to be a great garden addition - they are very fast growing so make a good annual vine for temporary screening purposes, they produce copius bright red flowers that are both attractive and a hummingbird attractant and they produce an edible product. What's not to like?

  • mimidi
    15 years ago

    DL this is a site that will give you lots of advise about plants the hummingbirds like. Scarlet Runner Bean is one of them.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird Forum

  • dancinglemons
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    Thanks everyone. I will plant away this spring!! Can't wait to see my Hummers again. I really missed them 2007.


  • digsdahlias
    15 years ago

    Hi DL -- last year I planted scarlet runner bean vines up the poles the hummingbird feeders are on and they really liked the flowers -- we ate the beans too, but you have to pick them before they get too big, otherwise they're really chewy & tough, lol - Kathy

  • nhkaren
    15 years ago

    I love those Painted Ladies! I had no idea that they would attract Hummingbirds! I will plant some this year! Is it true that having a water source nearby will also help attract Hummers?

  • MissMyGardens
    14 years ago

    I got Scarlet Runner Bean seeds specifically for Hummers.

    Two things I'm trying to figure out:

    1) Read if you don't keep beans picked flowering will decline and then stop. Do you all get on a ladder to snip off beans once vine gets over 5 feet in height? Some people, although from warmer zones, say they can get over 15'.

    2) Proper support -

    Have been warned that bamboo teepee can be used but blows over in wind.

    Have been told by handy people to build support out of metal poles (horizontal & vertical) with some metal fencing attached...not within my ability or my father's tolerance level and it's his yard.

    Trellises are somewhat expensive when you get into the 72" height with enough width and heft to support this vine but I'd go for it and just leave it up after vine dies down after frost.

    Don't know if I need as strong a support as I'm thinking. Going to have to put inside double 3' & 4' fencing with Tithonia so deer and groundhogs don't get Scarlet Runner Bean vine. I don't want to pick the wrong support or go to the trouble/expense of getting one just to have those miserable animals eat them as they did the Tithonia last year.

    I know I'm overthinking to most of you but I'm not building a sizable metal support which I have nowhere to store let alone ability to build and I don't want to choose something without enough height, heft and stability to hold this vine...but I want it for the Hummers!

    If any of you with SRB vine experience have suggestions for not too involved or expensive support could you provide them?

    Thanks a bunch...from me and the Hummers.

  • suzyqute
    14 years ago

    I've Grown Scarlet Runner Beans for the past 3 years, and Yes , the hummers love 'em ! I have them growing on concrete re-inforcement grid that is hung from the bottom of deck to ground on eye hooks,looks like a trellis (my deck is 9 foot above the ground)If I can find the photos from last year will post them. Have plenty of Deer and Squirels here ,and they don't bother the SRB . one of the good things with SRB, you will get seeds for the next year if leave beans on the vines to dry , leaving the beans don't seem to stop blooms,the vines just kept blooming until frost .I have also used lengths of woven Wire fence hung with hooks from the deck . the vines don't seem to be as heavy as trumpet vines.

  • uroboros5
    14 years ago

    Scarlet runner beans and Lady in Red salvia are the CORNERSTONES of my hummingbird garden.

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