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Hoya Linearis and me

July 25, 2009

Hi Laura

I hope you will have a good laugh!!

Does anyone have this plant that long? I really don't know what to do, if it growing longer.

I'm getting bore of it.


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  • johanna76

    That is TOO funny! I'm glad you have a good sense of humor. I think you should put it outside for Halloween. That is the most gorgeous linearis I have ever seen. If you get tired of it you can always trade some of it on the forum for something new. Thanks for posting!

  • laura1

    That is GREAT!! Thanks so much. Cousin It might not be much for bloomin' but he's good for a laugh. hehe hehe

    Johanna -I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees humor in this.

  • kellyknits

    That's great!

  • cpawl

    So cute thanks for the smile.


  • haxuan

    Sue, that sure is a great plant! How long have you had it for?

    Have you ever tried some bloom-booster fertilizer on the plant? One with high middle number, like 10-50-10 or something. Maybe that will help.

    Also, do you think it needs more light? In my experience with other plants, if I leave them in my shade house, they grow lots of vegetation, but as soon as I move them out onto the deck, they would start forming buds!

    Hope to see the blooms on your plant soon.


    BTW, if you're bored with it, I will be glad to "rescue" from from that boredom! Hehehe!!!

  • treelover3

    I love those photos; thanks for posting the pics! I agree that you should put that plant out front with the sunglasses for Halloween. Too funny!

    H. linearis loves cool temps and will bloom best if you can keep it cool. If your plant does not bloom, your temps may be too warm for it.

  • tammypie

    LMAO! That is a beautiful Linearis. Mine looks like it's on death's door compared to yours.

    Yes, yes! use that prop for Halloween!

  • quinnfyre

    Ah ha ha ha ha! Awesome! I'm so happy you did it!

    It looks great. I wish mine were that big already. It is almost as tall as you. (I'm assuming that's you in the photo.) I find it a very interesting looking plant. I didn't think I was going to like it, and was never intending to get one, but now I have cuttings, and I find that I like it very much.

  • suetran1

    Hi everyone, thanks for looking and advices
    NC climate is very warm in July and August, maybe I will keep it longer outside before freezing. Hopefully it will flower in Winter or Spring.

    Xuan: I had it last year, but this plant is already big. I did fert. BB, but there is no flower. I will take your advice, move it to the morning sun.

    Trelover: Thanks, I did not know it require a cool temperature.

    quinnfyre: yes, i'm in the picture, the plant is 4 feet long. It is almost as LONG as me.
    Ah ha ha....

  • PRO
    Jan Sword-Rossman Realty 239-470-6061

    Sue, you and cousin it looks adorable. Mine used to be almost as long as yours until it got soaking wet from heavy rain storm. I cut them up & potted but don't look too good at the moment.
    I have healthy 1 strand in a 4" pot, it's that long. hehehe
    Love the photos!!!

  • Denise

    Wow, what a great looking plant, Sue! (And very hip, too!) Sometimes, you just have to love them for the beauty of the plant. I have some that are stubborn or stingy with blooms, so I just give them "stokes" for being lovely plants and hope the "compliments" will entice them to bloom!

    Denise in Omaha

  • puglvr1

    Thanks for a good laugh, Sue! ROFL...too Funny!! That is one of the nicest and healthiest Linearis I've ever seen, although I've yet to see one in person... Thanks for posting.

  • cena60

    I find Linearis tough to root and even more difficult to find for purchase. I received one in trade a bazillion years ago and it never made it.

    Awesome photos, Sue! (shoulda snuck some orchids in there too!)

    Thanks for the laughs. I went as Cousin It one Halloween. All you needed for that photo was a nice fedora hat...

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