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Genitically modified FlavrSavr Tomatoe seedling-- advisable to hy

23 years ago

I have a seedling of the genetically altred tomatoe "FlavrSavr". I know that it is rather late to start tomato seeds, but this was an accident. It just came up by itself from a pound of rotten "FlavrSavr" tomatoes that had been buried. I had never assumed that I could sprout any seedlings, as I heard that the seeds are sterile, but I got lucky. I compost degradable trash by burying them. Assuming that if I can protect this during the winter, and have a plant this Spring, would you think it is advisable to grow selfed seedlings from this chance seedling? I heard that it is illegal to use the genes of this tomatoe, but I want to hear anther source verifying it.

If it isn't illegal to hybridize this, I would enjoy to learn how to hybridize tomatoes with this seedling. How to do it? I don't see stamins with the pollen. My goal is that to breed this with good tasting non-GE tomatoes such as Heirlooms (Brandywine, Caspian Pink, etc.,.) and long storage tomatoes with a good taste. FlavrSavr has an nasty taste, and that is why I buried in the compost holes. A long lasting good tasting tomatoe would be great.

If this is illegal, I would like to start a thread anyway about this subject. What do you think about GE foods crossed with non-GE foods? What possibilites could arise from this type of marriage, and the ups and downs of it.


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