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Tomato/Pepper Hybrid?

20 years ago

A thread was initiated in the Tomato Forum ( link below to the most pertinent and only reference with a picture), on the so called first such hybrid.

I remain very skeptical and ask for comment.

I know peppers and tomatoes cannot cross pollinate.

I know that tomato/potato and reciprocal grafts can be and have been done and I think I actually remember an eggplant/potato or eggplant/tomato graft once being reported.

But I've never read or heard of a tomato/pepper graft.

As you'll see from the below link, "growers" are apparently supplying them with these so called hybrids and another link in the same post specifies a grower, not by name, in Michigan.

I know of a tomato variety called Red Cup, which is a hollow stuffing tomato and I seem to recall it's also been called Red Bell Pepper tomato in the past.

If they refer to these fruits as hybrids then I'm not so much thinking grafts.

But I'm not as up to date on somatic cell hybridization as perhaps I should be, so I invite all comments, please.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tomato/Pepper Hybrid?????

Comments (10)

  • 20 years ago

    I've never heard or read of any hybridization between pepper and tomato either. And considering how stubborn either of these two are in crosses within its own genus, I'd seriously doubt that those fruits are from such a hybrid. Like you mention, I guess a somatic hybridization could be possible. But even so, I've never heard or seen mention of any somatic hybridizations (of pepper with tomato) that have been produced. And I have browsed through a lot of pepper and tomato related journals and/or newsletters. The picture at your link looks like its just a squat red pepper. Maybe the "hybrid" reference is referring to the taste only, and not the parentage. Let us know if you find out otherwise.

  • 20 years ago

    I think it's just marketing.

    Had they done genetic engineering and transfered genes they'd have press releases everywhere - then again in today's anti-GM they might not.

    I think it's just a pepper that looks like a tomato and if one holds their mouth right while standing on one foot with their back to a south wind they MIGHT get a hint of tomato (provided the moon is blue).

    I've yet to taste citrus in any tomatoes as some claim. Acid yes, citrus no.

    Ive always wanted to go the other way - add heat from peppers into tomatoes. I have heard reports of people claiming this via root grafts but never verified.


  • 20 years ago

    now maybe it's a bell peper or tomato that's looks and tastes like something else... I mean, I've been growing this very hollow tomato vareity (it started out as a hybrid from an heirloom type, which one I forgot) and it's sort of reminds me of a bell pepper.

    I really hate the taste of raw tamotes. I eat tons of it, being Mexican, It's part of my diet. But I won't it raw. I do hope that someday there can be a tomato with the taste of a mildly hot bell pepper like Poblano.

  • 20 years ago

    Looks like a bell pepper to me!

  • 9 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I've read at least two accounts of spicy tomatoes that were presumed to have been crossed with hot peppers. One of these is said to have resulted after a flood of sorts (so chemicals may have affected the flowers/pollen). However, they may have been full tomatoes that just mutated a bit or something:

    I've also heard an additional claim to a cross between a sweet bell pepper and a tomato (this was in a review by nathan on for the Purple Beauty bell pepper).

    Some people who think they have a hybrid likely just have stuffer tomatoes (which are actually tomatoes that look a lot like peppers, and are hollow like peppers, but they're not spicy).

    captnbob_knology_net I would like to see pictures. Do they look like stuffer tomatoes, by chance? What were the parents, if you know?

  • 6 years ago

    The tomatoes are 2" at max length and no larger than 3/4" thick. They have a spicy taste and somewhat thick skin. Make great salsa. Last year out of no where a plant grew from a crack in my walk way, it was these. I saved the seeds and planted them this year. Any input on what strand of tomato?

  • 6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Jon Roberts,

    Well, they look like tomato plants with interestingly long tomatoes. I think I've seen some like that shape-wise. When you say they have a spicy flavor, do you mean they're hot like hot peppers, or do you mean they have a spicy flavor like herbs and spices? Do they breed true? I mean, are the plant traits the same year by year? The foliage looks wispy. It looks a bit like Cream Sausage, but longer, and it turns red. It does look creamy earlier on, though, by the look of it.

  • 3 years ago

    These are what I believe are a cross of Jalapeno Peppers crossed with Tomatoes. These were ALL.picked from a tomato plants, But when you cut them open, the inside is chambered like a Jalapenowith the tiny seeds. They don't ripen.

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