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Epson Salt for Roses??

March 15, 2004

My MIL always has huge, healthy roses, I ask what she does and she said at the first of spring she always put 1 Tbs. of Ebson Salt about 2 inches from the base of her roses, I know she has been doing it for the 10 years I have been in the family, just wondering if any one else use this.

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  • The_Mohave__Kid

    Epson salts are suggested very commonly for Roses...Epson salts are MgSo4 ... Magnesium Sulfate so a source of Magnesium and Sulfur .... use it if it fits into your nutrition program.

    Good Day ...

  • kriswrite

    Ise 3/4 cup of Epsom salts, and mix it in with the dirt around my roses, then water well...every spring :)


  • byron

    Yup Espom Salts supplies magnisium which helps the chrophyll factory for ALL plants

    I would suggest starting with 2 tbsp MAX per month

    The Martha Stewart method of 2 cups per plant change the soil
    pH so much that it can kill plants

  • chaman

    Epsom does help as fellow gardeners have suggested.Planting Garlick around the stem also helps.


  • Lenh

    Does the epsom salts make the roses run?
    some years ago I was on holiday in the Epsom district in southern england and epsom salts occur naturaly in the drinking water,I,ve been running since

  • mensabrains

    Oh gads, yes. I was endeavoring to revive a long neglected rose on a 100 year old property and i came across the jerry baker formulas ['jerrybaker dot com'] which his grandma taught him, using common household ingredients. I mixed a can of coca cola, a can of beer, molasses, vinegar, ammonia, dish detergent, and a cup of epsom salts, all in a big bucket, then diluted it, one cup of mix to a full bucket of water. used a watering can to soak my roses roots. that thing exploded with blooms- we counted 11, inside of days. don't count on my memory. get the right formula from his site or subscribe to the newsletter.
    another oddity for roses--PARSLEY, either planted alongside, or dried herb cultivated into the soil--makes them smell stronger!!!

    Here is a link that might be useful: jerry baker home remedies for gardening

  • bug_girl

    I used epson salt in the spring with good results and I wonder if I should do it again now? Or only do it once a year? I don't want to over do it.

  • MissJamie

    hi! i'm wondering how much epsom salt do you use to put in the roses? how often? thanks!

  • Dieter2NC

    epson salts helps roses and other plants by promoting branching. Depending on the size of the plants any where from 1 to 4 tblsp around the drip line every spring.

  • Thirteensqirrlz

    Byron mentioned that it can change the soil ph. Sorry to sound ignorant, but which way does it change it? My soil in spots is somewhere around 8.5+, and my tap water comes out over the scale on most otc ph tests. So you can imagine what I fight with... Any weapon in a losing battle!!!

  • swgeekgirl

    I use Epson salts twice a year,but thats just because of a sandy soil in my area and it doesnt hold for very long.Works like wonders though!

  • AnyOtherName


    It will lower the pH (because sulphur acidifies).

  • Paul_RGV

    magnesium raises pH so you get a net neutral effect.


  • vino101

    Only when your soil has lots of aluminum or iron or other existing problems of excessive minerals, then and only then MgSO4 will participate in the reactions to most likely acidify your soils. In most California soils, MgSO4 has no effect on pH.

  • triple_b

    Pepper Joe says he sprays it on his peppers 1 tbsp. per quart or pint of water - can't recall, at blooming and fruit set. I tried it and was very pleased with my peppers, considering they were grown in containers.

  • rheene

    roses love bananas too-just bury old ones-peel and all--------also chives beside them will keep bugs off

  • huggins

    I watered with Miracle grow today and would like to know if I can use some epsom salt tomorrow

  • dilbert

    Stop speculating and perform controlled experiments.

    "Salts supplies magnisium which helps the chrophyll factory for ALL plants"

    Magnesium is a component of chorophyll, C55H7006N4Mg, but extra Mg doesn't make plants greener.

    In controlled experiments, you should compare the the effects of Epsom salts with those of Ammonium Sulfate and Potassium Sulfate.

    Theoretically, ammonium sulfate should acidify the soil and, yet, after years of application, my blue hydrangeas are still pink.

  • east_love2004_hotmail_com

    how much of epson salt do i put on my new roses i planted last year thanks

  • Belgianpup

    If you've done a soil test and your soil is low in magnesium, sprinkle about 1 Tablespoon of epsom salts inside the drip-line of each rose bush.

    If your soil test shows your soil has excessive magnesium, don't use any at all, it will just contribute to the excess.

    No single nutrient is going to solve all your growing problems. Plants need balanced soil; if you don't know what your soil has, you don't know what it needs.

    Call your local Cooperative Extension Agent (see below) and ask who does a basic soil test in your area. It shouldn't cost more than $12, and it should have recommendations for improvement of problem levels. If you garden organically, indicate that on the paperwork that you fill out when you take/send it in. If you don't understand what the recommendations mean, call them and ask for clarification.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Find your local Coop. Ext. Service office

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