Growing tomatoes upside down!!! :):)& growing pineapples

17 years ago

Take a sturdy wire handled pail and cut a hole in the bottom big enough to put a tomato plant in upside down Roots in the pail and plant hanging upside down. Use a small tomato like a Roma. Fill with dirt in the pail and water from the top. The excess water runs out the bottom. I have 5 hanging pails on my front porch. No tilling the dirt, no weeding, no staking them up just go out and pick the tomatoes. I also have grown a pineapple. Cut the top off and root it in water, it make take a while. When rooted plant it in dirt. Water when needed. I have 5 plants now and it will take a while to produce a pineapple. My first plant produced a pineapple!!!

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