Greasy Beans in the PNW

10 years ago

In the Pacific northwest we can have very fine and long summers as in 2009 or we can have cold and wet spring and early summer weather with a shorter growing season as in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Greasy beans are generally grown in the southeastern part of the country and some of them are considered to be the finest quality snaps, at least by the people who grow them. So of course I had to see if they would do well here.

These beans were grown in the summers of 2010 and 2011 and some of each were started indoors in mid May.

Big Greasy is a very fine quality snap and it looks like I will be able to save some seed.

Black and White Greasy Mix was a very slow climber in our chilly spring and early summer this year. It produced its first blossom last week! Sorry George but I will not be able to help produce a black seed greasy bean.

Cutshort Greasy produced two different beans. One was not greasy and looked like Tobacco Worm and the other was a very small 3 inch greasy bean. No mature seed.

Grady Baily Greasy was a late bloomer. One vine produced purple blossoms fairly early but the green and purple pods were not greasy. Some vines with yellow and white blossoms produced non-greasy grean beans. Then this week I noticed one vine with some greasy snaps. It will not be possible to save seed.

North Carolina Speckled Long Greasy Cutshort is a very fine greasy and it was possible to save some seed in 2010 and possibly this year too.

Pink Tip Greasy was very late and produced into late October last year but no mature seed.

White Simpson Greasy is a fine quality greasy bean from 2005 SSE seed that produced early and it has more maturing pods than any of the others.

One interesting thing about some of these greasy beans is that the pods turn yellow and then they stay on the vine for weeks without drying out or getting leathery. They are still fine eating quality. To save seed I have to pick the yellow pods and dry them indoors.


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