Tennessee Greasy, Have you grown It?

8 years ago

Hi All,
This bean is from Sand Hill Preservation. The site description is this:
"A true mix. I've tried for over 10 years to segregate this. I've concluded that it is a true mixture. Seeds are various colors as well as having pods of various shapes and textures. Beans can be used both in the green snap stage and dried for soup. Ornamental and colorful."
I had all beans that looked like the little brown ones to the left. I ended up with 4 different beans. The 3rd beans over a bit white looking in person.
Anyone have the same results? Or did you get different results?
The only pic on the internet I could find was the one on the link, and it does look like they got the 3rd bean over also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blog with photo (3rd one down)

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