Anyone try growing bamboo in zone 4 MN?

14 years ago

As I'm suffering from the bitter-winter-blues, I found myself searching for zone 4-hardy bamboos, and came up with the following link:

See the 'Yellow Groove Bamboo'

They say its growing at the Arboretum (outside or inside I wonder) and that it can get to be 8' in cold climates. As I've had good luck for a couple of years with my japanese maple, do I dare experiment with bamboo? Will it need protection? I'm in the twin cities metro, and I need screening, in an awkward, but fairly protected area. I've been unsuccessful so far with arborvitae, due to clay-ey soil and rabbits. Plus, evergreens take so long to grow! Any advice out there?

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Groove Bamboo

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