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My Vole Experiment

14 years ago

Voles destroyed almost every hosta in this one bed. I don't want to plant in sunken pots because I think that may dry out and I don't water the plants. So here's what I am trying.

This hardware cloth is sold at Lowes. It's intended use is to screen roof gutters to keep leaves out. It's sold by the roll and is about 8" wide.

I'm planting a hosta that came in a 4" pot. This cage circle is about 5" wide. I figure if roots do grow through the cage and a vole eats them, at least they won't get to the larger roots or crown - I hope! I used small cable ties to fasten it

I dug a 7" deep hole and put the cage in the hole and put about a 1" layer of gravel, then more soil before adding the plant.

Then I added the plant, fill in with soil and another layer of gravel on top. You can see the 'cage' also sits higher than the soil line, and the gravel is higher than the soil line. I didn't want to allow the vole to tunnel in at the crown base. Hoping is works. Blue Wonder is the sacrificial lamb.

I also removed all the other hostas from this bed, so if this guy is hungry, he has to figure out how to get in. Which I hope he can't - lol


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