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Shrub Recommendations/Photos for Zone 2-3

July 19, 2014

Having recently moved to an acreage in Grande Prairie (Zone 2b-3a) from BC (Zone 7a-8b), I am wondering if you have any recommendations for hardy shrubs you wouldn't mind sharing (photos would be a bonus). I have several areas I would like to plant with shrubs and trees; some exposed, some foundational around the house.
I have inherited several perennial gardens (chok-a-block with weeds which I have largely gotten rid of) but I would like to have a more easy maintenance approach with shrubs, and probably keep just one perennial garden bed in front of the house. I have mostly been maintaining the present landscaping for the past year that I have been here, reading Lois Hole's books, reading over many entries here, and observing and talking to gardeners around here. I love gardening and am enthusiastic to revamp this place but want to go at it with some foresight.
Appreciate any thoughts you'd have to share.

Comments (4)

  • Konrad___far_north

    You might want to post this in the far north forum.
    WOW..that's a HUGE downhill jump from zone 8 but day's are long and sunny in Alberta, hope you'll like it.

    For a start,.. Lilac, Dogwood & Mockorange.

  • Sherwood Botsford (z3, Alberta)

    Redosier dogwood
    Willows -- flame, and arctic blue in particular.
    High bush and low bush cranberry
    Canada buffaloberry
    Sea buckthorn
    Wolf willow
    Native chokecherry
    Native pincherry
    Green Alder
    Lilacs -- vulgaris and villosa cultivars. S. paliban and S. reticulata may not be hardy there.
    Ussurian Pear
    Raspberries -- souris and double delight. Mulch in winter.
    Mountain ash. (prune as a shrub)
    Red elderberry
    Wild rose
    Rugosa roses.
    Black current.
    Mugo pine.

  • Leandra7

    Thank you SO MUCH for the advice. Now, to put it into practice!

  • Sherwood Botsford (z3, Alberta)

    Well, bring a pickup truck down to Warburg, and we'll weigh down the springs, and lighten your wallet. sherwoods-forests.com

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