Organizing a personal plant database

WendyB 5A/MA
11 years ago

I'm creating a database to store my very large plant collection (goodbye index cards, yea!). (and also to learn more about database creation just because...)

I am trying to figure out the best way to structure it as far as not duplicating information and keeping it easy to use. Some information may be common to the genus. Some items may be common only to the species. Some items may be common to the cultivar only.

For example, I would like each plant reference to contain things like: LightRequirements, MoistureRequirements, MatureSize, SuggestedSpacing, etc. These types of things are common to the genus? genus&species? genus,species&cultivar? depends?

There will be items common to the specific plant in the specific garden spot, i.e. gardenLocation, PurchaseInfo, PlantingDate, LandscapePhoto, BloomHistory, etc. THose are pretty straightforward.

But I'm a little iffy about the cultural aspect at the generic level. Is it true or false that some attribute may apply to the genus but not apply to all species of that genus? At the next level, is it true that for a given species (G s), cultural requirements be the same for all cultivars of Gs?

Appreciate any guidance on this subject. I can handle making the the database adapt to the reality, but I want to understand the reality so I design it right.

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