Need Help Finding an Estate Gardener

15 years ago

Hello - And thanks in advance for any input.

I am an estate manager for a large private estate here on Long Island, New York. My employer relocated me from Texas recently and I am having difficulty finding a well qualified professional gardener.

I have been in professional household management for 20 years. My entry position was as head gardener on a formal estate as well, so I am fairly certain of what I am looking for.

I am using the usual recruitment tools of classifieds, internet job sites, and the top household staffing agencies here on the east coast. That has netted the quantity of applicants, but definetly not the quality. If I were staffing a landscape installation company or turf maintenance service - I wouldn't have to be working this entire weekend:~) Results from 7 household staffing agencies is more bleek. Two agencies currently have no available candidates; from the remaining five agencies - one applicant has been presented 3 seperate times. Our position is still on their books, but I am left with the impression that I should start looking elsewhere.

Private estate gardening is a niche profession to begin with; coupled with my limited sourcing and networking ability here - I can't seem to "reach" the folks I would like to talk to.

In researching this forum, some previous posts make note of some well founded "cons" of private gardening, and indeed household management here in the east does seem to suffer from a predisposed idea of "Buy-1-Get-2 Free" approach to staff. If any one has any direct experience as an estate gardener in this region, I would welcome your comments in particular. This is a great position - Could I be presenting it wrong for this region??

If anyone could offer other suggestions or comments, I would sincerely appreciate your input.

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