PC software for nursery inventory and sales

14 years ago

I am having trouble on a format for my inventory and sales Excel documents, and can't find anything suitable after searching online for days.

I thought I'd at least find a Template, but no luck.

What do you all use?


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  • mylu
    14 years ago

    Now your talking cash.. or expenditures...
    Real POS or inventory s/w will cost your pocket book.
    Google Nursery POS Software. Linked below is just one. The first license is $2,000. Excel is not a database, it is a math application. Although lots of folks use it other wise.
    You can use Quickbooks or MS Small business Accounting or similar. But they are accounting applications that are somewhat flexible and "handle" inventory. Time to start learning MS Access or SQL. Or spend the capital and buy an application.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Nursery s/w

  • gw:plant_babies
    14 years ago

    thanks, I'll check out that Link.

    I know how to use Access, and I *absolutely* hate it.

    My business is very, very small, so I really only needed to create a form to fill out where I spend money, and where I made a sale.

    I created my own Excel doc w/ 2 sheets.

    On one sheet there is the list of plants, a starting inventory column, and monthly columns showing how much money I made in sales on that plant. The requisite "Total" rows and columns are included.

    On the second sheet I have Expenditures -- sub-sections for each type you see on a tax form:
    and so on, with Sub-totals, Monthly totals and a yearly total at the bottom.

    I just LOVE Excel for the simple reason of its math functions. It's SO easy to use as compared to other financial software, and I can create a form for MY understanding rather than trying to get my understanding to wrap around someone else's idea of a good form.


  • mylu
    14 years ago

    But one thing that can cause a company to fail is the lack of good financial records. An excel spreadsheet is not the answer. You will have to deal with the IRS at the end of each fiscal year, you will have to pay retail sales tax on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis. A decent accounting package is a must and it is better to start using one now instead of trying to incorporate all your records into a new package later. You have inventory value that will need to be assessed at the end of the year. Start up cost can be deducted. And a whole slue of items need to be tracked. Now is the time to add talking to an accountant to your list. Not later...

  • gw:plant_babies
    14 years ago

    oh, sorry -- I forgot to mention -- besides the document I created to log Expenditures and Sales, I DO HAVE the following:

    A Business Plan containing:
    3 YR profit and loss
    3 YR cash-flow
    Startup costs statement
    Balance sheet
    Family financial statement
    3 years of past taxes

    Created using small business administration Software, with help from the office administator.

    does that sound good?


  • jspece
    14 years ago

    I started out using Excel, but it quickly becomes a chore. I have been using Quickbooks for several years and it handles my needs fairly well...sounds similar to your situation. It is pretty easy to use, once you learn the basics.

  • mylu
    14 years ago

    Plant, It's not that what you are doing is not correct. Your going to find out in a few years it will become a chore and to complicated in an excel spreadsheet. You should start out with an accounting package now so you don't have to spend 3 months out of your life getting all your past records into an accounting package. I know this from our own experiance.

    You can work with an accountant to set up all your gl codes now. S/he will appreciate it later!

  • calliope
    14 years ago

    If you are a small business and not using a bar code scanner, then I recommend quickbooks pro. It has some hair pulling glitches, but lots of flexibility. It does everything but whistle Dixie, can track inventory and keeps track of job costs and employee compensation. The more you use it, the more you can tweek it and make it give you the information you want. It's the third accounting program I hit on and after I got used to it, like it the best. It practically does my sales taxes for me and leaves a very easily followed paper trail. Ages your receivables and automatically tacks on interest and prints out professional quality invoices and bills.

  • gw:plant_babies
    14 years ago

    I didn't even know it, but I have Quicken and Quick Books Pro software!


  • deluded
    10 years ago

    I use Quickbooks Pro (and Quickbooks Online), and both are pretty good. However, it's a pain to import and export with Quickbooks.

    If you don't want to install software on your computer, there are lots of good online inventory apps. Yobiz IPS is very good as well as a few others. I've attached a link below.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Yobiz IPS

  • deluded
    10 years ago

    Looks like this was an old thread - oops!

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