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Beware Harris Seeds!!!

16 years ago

I bought four varieties of sweetcorn from Harris Seeds which had no statement in the catalog that they were treated seeds, and when they arrived, they were LOADED with multiple chemicals! Now I'm ok with and wouldn't avoid just Captan, but here's what was on them: Allegiance FL, Dividend Extreme, Filmcoat, Cruiser 5 FS, Fludioxonil, Mefenoxam, Carboxin, Mefenoxam, Thiamethoxam, Difenoconazole, Safecoat, Apron XL, Thiram, Dipel-2X, and Vitavax!!!! Oh yes - also Captan. The packages are marked "danger, not for food, feed, or oil". My hands started itching almost immediately after taking the packets out of the mailer.

I called Harris and complained so they promised to send a label to return the seeds. This DID NOT HAPPEN. I then emailed them with my complaint and received no response. So not only are they selling treated seeds without warning you, they won't take them back! Buyer be aware!!

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