November 14, 2006

A quick post to give an EXCELLENT rating to Beth, who recently hosted a Round Robin Swap.

Communications were always great, we knew what the status of the Robin was at all times, and return was timely!


Comments (39)

  • sguanzon

    And I'd just like to say I've traded with Beth several times. Always great!

  • jaceysgranny

    Ditto, I have always had great trades with Beth and she's a lot of fun as well.


  • atravers

    I've been in two of her Round Robins this year and have enjoyed both tremendously. She's very easy to work with and thorough in her running of Round Robins. Kudos!

  • Nancy


  • elvis

    I have a trade going with Beth right now; just one of many, many great trades. Thanks, Beth!

  • toomanyanimals

    Beth is one of the best, both in trading and in hosting Robins.

  • galium

    I participated in a Butterfly swap that Beth hosted. She did a wonderful job and I received my seeds yesterday. I would trade with her anytime. Good job Beth!

  • dem_pa

    I was in her butterfly swap, too. Great communication. I hope she has the butterfly swap again. Thanks for all your hard work.


  • kizzyseeds

    Beth is one of the best traders on GW.

  • earthlydelights

    beth rocks!


  • brittneysgran

    Beth you are what makes GW so awesome. Thanks for your giving spirit and great trades.


  • msprettyky

    Beth B ROCKS! Cant say enough good things about her!

  • firegurl

    Thanks for being such a great host in the newbie seed swap this year. I appreciate all of your effort and help in getting all of us newbies started.
    :) Firegurl

  • hummingbirddaisy

    Ditto to everything!


  • jeanne

    I offered to send her cuttings for some seeds from her list, then she sent bulbs for one of my most-wanted plants! It was a real pleasure trading with Beth.


  • firegurl

    Just wanted to say again...Beth, you are awesome! A truly fun and generous trader here, I can't say thanks enough..
    ;) Danielle

  • Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

    Had a great seed trade with Beth.


  • eclpsprinc

    Beth generously offered and sent some great seeds for SASBE. Thank you so much!

  • muggsey

    Beth is indeed AWESOME!! Wonderful conversationist- sends on time- great packer and just a pleasure to share with!
    Thank you Beth!

  • gaclay

    Great Trade! In response to her offer she took the time to look over my wish list then sent me wonderful seeds I've been searching for and many she thought I would enjoy as well. Loved my trade with Beth.

  • Michelle Reynolds

    it dose not look like beth needs any more help
    but I give her a great trader rating
    we have traded several times and they have always been great.

  • dizzydaffodil

    Beth is A+number+One in my book too!

  • mudbug

    I recently did a trade with Beth and it went very smoothly. Great trader! mudbug

  • chrizty

    i have a seed trade with beth, she is a great trader!
    thank you so much for a wonderful trade:)

  • garden4god

    Beth and i traded, i would trade with her again anyday, she is very generous and very fast! A great trader ** Thank you so much *tabor*

  • floodthelast

    Just had my first trade with Beth. Great experience so many extras thank you Beth. Hope to trade with you again.

  • pumkingal

    just got a surprise wish baby boo pumkins thank you ,Lisa

  • mavis07

    I'd like to give a thumbs up for Beth - she sent me a welcome packet with seeds from my want list, just out of the blue. I look forward to being involved in swaps and trades with Beth in the near future!


  • celeegra

    Beth was our awesome hostess for a Round Robin! She was clear & fun! Such a joy to get to know her. Thanks a mill! Grace

  • bizarrogir

    I received a generous SASBE package from Beth which was great! Thank you so much! :)

  • flowergirl34

    Just completed a wonderful plant swap with Beth. She sent above and beyond what I expected! Even a stow away begonia!! LOVE IT! :)

    Beth is a fabulous swapper and a super nice lady! Looking forward to many more trades in the future.

    Wishing you many happy blooms Beth!
    vina :)

  • poisondartfrog

    Thank you Beth, for being an active swap participant in the September MNF Swap, and for being a considerate trade partner!

  • canyonwind

    I recently swapped x 2 with Beth....ROUND ROBIN OBF Show Off Your State and FOTESS Johnny Appleseed. What an absolute pleasure....very generous! Thanks much!


  • cryptid

    I'm involved in a plant swap with Beth and her package arrived yesterday, with all plants in excellent condition and very well packaged. I still haven't mailed her package yet, but it will be going out 4 daze from now (following this Memorial Day weekend). In the long run I do believe it will be worth my sloth,...or at least so I hope. --wringing hands-- Beth,'re the best! Thank you sooooo much for your constant generosity! :)

  • bluee19

    i would recommend anyone to trade with Miss Beth. She was so kind in sharing her plants for postage.

    She communicated when she planned to mail them out and gave me the tracking number so I knew when the plants would arrive to their new home.

    I believe line of communication of trading is a good thing to do and she did that. I appreciate your kindness Beth.

  • amybabyboy3

    Awesome box from Beth! What wonderful plants she sent! I just love everything! Thank you!

  • Nikki Lambeth

    I'm so thankful for the excellent seeds and
    trading I received as part of the New Years swap round robin. I'm grateful for
    the generosity of each and every member of the swap! Thank you, Beth!

  • Oladon

    Yet another (though my first) wonderful swap hosted by Beth -- awesome communication, really fast turn-around, and a nice card to boot.

    Beth, I'll trade with you any time!

  • jensyen ( z7 MD )

    Beth hosted the Gardener's Favorite Veggie Seed Swap and did an excellent job. She was extremely organized, friendly and considerate making this a very enjoyable group swap. I can tell that she takes the time to carefully make seed choices, too. I highly recommend her for any future group swaps.

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