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Seed and plant exchanges are regulated by government laws. By participating in this forum, you agree that you will familiarize yourself with and follow all applicable local and national laws in your country. Additionally, it is Houzz's policy that: 1) you may only use this forum for exchanges within your country, and 2) you may not charge for seed or plant exchanges, but requiring pre-paid postage is permitted.
This forum was created to rate and review exchanges and trades with other GardenWeb members. Please be fair and consistent when rating another member's trade and do not engage in personal attacks. To create the best user experience, please keep all reviews for a particular member in one thread and before posting a new thread, use the forum's search feature to see if one has already been started. To ensure the safety of our members, please use membernames only -- do not reveal personal information -- such as last names -- without the member's permission.