Yellow Shrub Rose Suggestions...Please help.

16 years ago

Hello everyone. I'm in need of help in picking a yellow shrub rose. The requirements I would like it to have are as follows with #1 being the most important and so on:

1. Disease and blackspot resistant - CAREFREE (will not spray)

2. prolific bloomer

3. Large size that will be in full afternoon upstate SC blazing hot sun

Please make your suggestions. I have been looking at Perle d'Or, Mrs. Dudley Cross, Graham Thomas, Danae, and Mermaid.

Also I should mention that space is something I have quite a lot of. This rose will be planted in a spot that a 20' leyland cypress used to occupy. However, the cypress was growing into our home (too close). I think something that will get between 10 to 12' should be a good size. Again, though I want a shrub rose not a climber that I will have to train. Is that possible?

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