Salt Peter (Potassium Nitrate )

11 years ago

Has anyone heard of soaking seeds in salt peter (1/4 tsp per pint water) for 24hrs before planting. One site I have seen claims it softens seed coat and drastically speeds up germination.

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  • jtrux
    11 years ago

    Thank you for the quick reply.


  • fiedlermeister
    11 years ago

    I also did experiments with GA and it was not a help. Norman Deno who did lots of trials with it said it would not help peppers in his experience. There is also the danger of distorted elongated seedlings.


  • dangould
    11 years ago

    Salt kills plants.

    Potassium Nitrate is a pure salt.

    Oxygen helps seeds germinate. I would experiment with hydrogen peroxide if you must have something. But I use rain water that is nice and soft and low in salt. But the only place where hydrogen peroxide might be used would be with very old seeds.

    gibberelic acid is reported to help. there is scientific basis for this. They use it on real hard to germinate seeds and old seeds. do some google searching on this. You should find information.

    Seeds require GA to begin growth. GA is formed during storage. some seeds might not germinate naturally for many many years can be made to germinate right away. Also the GA will go away in old seeds and so adding some gets them to germinate. But GA can be expensive and not worth fooling with on regular low cost seeds.

  • fiedlermeister
    11 years ago

    Lots of people think it helps and you will get lots of opinions to the contrary but..

    I did this test along with other pre-treatments in 2003. And found no significant difference except for a method where the seeds were left in water. There were 50 seeds per sample of Baily's Piquin. Results were:
    1) Tea soak---88%
    2) Potassium Nitrate soak ( 1 tsp/qt of water)--94%
    3) Tap water---100%
    4) Hydrogen Peroxide( 10% solution)--94%
    5) No soak--94%
    6) Dilute Miracle Grow--94%
    7) Left soaking in water--44%
    8) 10% bleach soak and into small jars--98%
    I don't think any but the soaking in water are of statistical significance