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Vermiculite Source List - Throughout USA

12 years ago

I had a hard time finding vermiculite, so I have compiled a list of approximately 150 places throughout the US to help others find coarse vermiculite. Some of these places DO ship if needed. They all have or have been reported to have coarse vermiculite in 4 cu ft bags unless otherwise noted.

If you know of any places that are not listed or have prices on some that are missing prices, please post here and I will keep the list updated. All prices in the verified column are updated, but some of the reported prices are a couple years old and could have gone up. International sources welcome. Thanks !!

Vermiculite sources listed here . . .

"Mel's Mix" is the most common fill substance for square foot gardens and consists of a mixture of approximately equal parts of compost materials, durable "brown" organics for bulk & drainage, and a water retention substance. Mel's Mix, now being recommended by Mel Bartholomew via his website, is equal parts by volume of compost, peat moss, and coarse vermiculite. Mel recommends using compost from 5 different sources / brands to ensure getting a wide variety of nutrients for the plants (i.e. different brands/types of manure compost, mushroom compost, leaf compost, etc).

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