I HATE Squirrels! Chicken Wire?

11 years ago

Although the little buggers are fun to watch running through trees, cheerfully jumping from branch to branch, they lose ALL of their cuteness when they dig up my garden!

I have battled them for years. This year I built a new raised bed, filled it with dirt and after a week, still no squirrel holes. I figured maybe they would just continue to tear up my older raised bed so I planted all my greens on Valentine's day. My 8x4 bed was looking good, everything had sprouted and BAM! A week after everthing was up I went out one morning and found that half of my bed was completely churned through!! Arghhh!

I bought some chicken wire and it is currently keeping them out. My questions is if anyone has ever just left the chicken wire in place and let lettuce, kale, mustard, spinach, pak choy, etc. just grow through it?

It seems to be coated with petroleum so if it is recommended that I leave it and let the plants grow through, I should use warm soapy water to wash the coating off of it.

I really don't want to go through another replanting so any help is appreciated.

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