Too hot for peppers

10 years ago

I planted oodles of peppers this year, I've had good results in the past, and wanted to can a lot of salsa. I've got Anaheim, Jalapenos, and a bell mix of colors.I've mulched them and am keeping them evenly moist, but it's been in the 90's here (And according to a thermometer I placed under them, it's gotten up to 120* where they are!), and they are all dropping their blossoms! Before the buds even blossom, most of the time. They just dry up and fall off. I haven't had a single one turn into a pepper yet. I'm debating pulling them and putting in something else (Suggestions as to what I can plant in front of Tomatoes in this kind of heat, this late in the season?) Or I could stick it out and see if anything happens. Thoughts?

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