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Hydroponic tomato problems

14 years ago

Hi, I recently posted the thread:

Well now I've come along a little farther but still have concerns over my plants.

Here is an updated picture of a tomato plant I have growing:

What's going on here? Is this still a fungal problem or could it be a nutrient problem? I've been treating my plants with Draconil to help any future fungal problems but my leaves now seem to be 'curling'?

Here is a log of my nutrient levels:

I just changed out my reservoir today and switched from using municipal water to using rain water.

I also called general hdyroponics tech support because I've read online that tomatoes like an e.c. of 2.0 - 3.5 and when using their nutrients as according to instructions I was coming in much lower. They said all macro/micro nutrients were available in their product floramato or what I'm using now for veg. maxigrow but that perhaps I should consider adding diamond nectar (humic acid) as a supplement. They said to watch my ppm and if it's going up, I should add fresh water, if it's dropping, then I should add nutrients because it's using them up. Seems to make sense but what are your opinions?

As a note, I didn't give the dry nutrients time to adjust after my last testing b/c I was in a hurry so I'm sure my nute levels will adjust higher upon next test. My rain water showed an e.c. of .04 and a PPM of only 30 ppm versus my much higher previously used municipal water chemistry levels shown in the picture below:

Could the salts in my municipal water (my water is desalinated beach water) have been negatively affecting my plants? This process is very confusing and any help given is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take the time to look over my situation.

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