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Staking/Trellising/Caging methods for small space

9 years ago

I have a fairly small garden so I end up having to space my tomatoes close together (18" to 2').

We've always used commercial tomato cages and they always seem to do the job poorly. Too short, and the vines simply out grow it or start sprawling sideways out of it. Last year we had seven* plants, two early girls, a black krim, two roma, a yellow pear cherry, and a regular cherry, and while they were all productive they were a bit of a mess to deal with for harvesting, weeding, and just plain working around.

I want to try something different this year. I was thinking of either a trellis, a florida weave, or one of those narrow tomato "ladder" things from gardener supply.

I'm only going to have four plants (1 early girl, 1 big beef, 1 super sweet 100 cherry, and 1 brandywine). I'm thinking the florida weave might be a good option, with two end t bars and two wooden stacks inbetween in the middle. What do you guys think? Is 18" adequete spacing using a florida weave? Should I consider other options?

*edited after I realized I can't count, we had seven, not six.

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