Help in Selecting Landscape Plantings

February 19, 2009

Hello folks, I've been lurking for a while and now I have a request for your assistance. I started on the homes forum, getting ideas for a swimming pool design. Now I am about 85% complete on the pool, but want to get started on landscaping so the trees can acclimate before the heat sets in.

So, our pool has a bit of a Texas theme, classic strait lines with raised beams of Granbury stone (off -white) due to a 10% slope in the garden. The decking is chiseled travertine, but only on 2-sides. (

We are trying to select plants that will not require much attention, but retain a southwest look. We have a few Soft Leaf Yucca and a couple of potted Red Yucca on the columns.

Originally, I wanted to frame the pool (the sides without decking)with Italian Cypress, but some posts on this thread have me wondering if that is a good idea.

Also, since our house is sitting on a corner, and I wanted an open feel, we installed iron fencing on the street side of the garden. We would like to have trees that provide some privacy, but still look nice in a Texas-kind-of way. Thinking of crepe myrtle, vitex, or another fast growing ornamental. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help,

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