Fresh vegetables in winter

19 years ago

I'm so glad about this forum because I want to grow vegetables through the winter both indoors and out. Presently I'm growing salad greens, lettuces and mesclun in containers. These are all short season greens, 25-45 days. I started them on November 27 and they are growing rather slowly in a cold frame. I will bring them in soon and put them in my light garden. I have 2- 4' shoplights, per shelf, 2 cool white and 2 warm white tubes.

I'd also like to be able to harvest other veggies through the winter like carrots. Organic Gardening had an article some years ago on mulching carrots for harvesting all winter...and yes, even in my climate zn 6b. Unfortunately, I can't find the darn mag now.

There must be other veggies, root crops that can be grown in winter.


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