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bwx nar trial run

15 years ago

This summer, I'm growing one plant of the F1 generation of a cross between

Brandywine and Neves Azorean Red.

The idea is for a large red tomato with good flavor on a vigorous vine.

If someone wants to look for potato leaf vines in subsequent generations,

fine and dandy.

The Brandywine parent was this tomato grown from seed sold by Livingston Seed Company,

Columbus, Ohio. The tomato with the tag on it is the seed parent hanging on

a potato leaf vine that bore about 30 ripe pink fruit from 115 days

past transplant to about 125 days past transplant.

Here's what the fruit from the seed parent plant looked like in 2006.

Not all the way dead ripe ... but you get the picture.

Here's the leaf shape of the seed parent ... fairly typical of Brandywine, I think.

I don't have any pictures of the pollen parent leaf shapes, but Neves Azorean Red

leaves and growth habit kind of reminded me of Jet Star in a way.

Anyway, here are some shots of the pollen parent's fruit ... Neves Azorean Red.

It was a really tasty, meaty red fruit with all the seeds pinwheeled around the dense core.

Okay ... here's the tomato from the F1 Brandywine x NAR seed ...

it ripened in about 87 days ... but this year, May was

much warmer and drier than last year.

The F1 Brandywine x NAR is a very very juicy, dense tomato with very few seeds.

What you notice is that the seed cell distribution is more like the Brandywine ...

dispersed across the entire cross section rather than pinwheeled

around a solid central core like the NAR ... but it's still dense and meaty.

Here's the leaf shape from the F1 Brandywine x NAR plant. It has remained healthy,

dark green, and vigorous through heat setting far and away more fruit than the NAR in 2006.

Okay ... TomTrees has some F1 seed and has an F1 plant growing in New Jersey.

He noted that his fruit looks more ribbed ... kind of like little green pumpkins.

Yes, the fruit should all be the same on all F1 plants, and the little green fruit

on my F1 plant also were very ribbed ... well most of them were ...

some of them more so than others.

While I've had fantastic tomato growing weather out here, I understand

it was a little cooler and wetter in New Jersey ... but maybe

Tom will have some Brandywine x NAR to show us soon for comparison.


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  • trudi_d
    15 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Bill, it's all so wonderful! The sliced tomatoes are eye candy. I have no doubt that this must be one of the best you're growing this year. Congrats on the beautiful and delicious fruits of your labors.