How efficient are gas burners?

9 years ago

I'm just curious how efficient a gas burner (properly adjusted with a nice blue flame) is at converting natural gas to heat? Both what is the combustion efficiency of converting gas to heat, and then how much of the heat transfers to the pan? Does the rest go to heating the air?

For example, we know most new gas furnaces are rated between 80-95% total to convert the gas to heat and then to transfer the heat to the air exchanger, with the remaining heat or uncombusted gases going out the flue.

On some of these pro-style ranges, let's say three 20K burners running on high is 60K BTU's, which is about the same capacity as a furnace for a new insulated 2000 sq ft home. That's a lot of BTU's. Some fraction of the BTU's is going to heat that is cooking the food - is the rest that's not cooking ending up as uncombusted gas and byproducts, or basically heating up the indoor air much the same as a gas furnace? (I'm ignoring heated air going out the hood for starters.)

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