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bradford exchange plates

December 15, 2003

I have tons of bradford plates still in their boxes, where can I sell them? Thanks in advance.

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  • lazy_gardens

    Check eBay ... however these "collectibles" are usually not selling for much.

  • lkgrace345

    I've seen a magazine that specializes in limited edition plates and/or other items at our local B & N bookstore. There's a section in the back for advertising plates for sale. I've also seen people with tables of collector plates for sale at flea markets.

    Normally the first issue in a series increases the most in value (that is, with the original box and certificate). At least, I've found that to be the case with some I have. I have Bradford's Song Bird and Elegant Bird series so I've checked the prices on those. And as I recall, the Rockwell series with Toys in the Attic are fairly sought after too.

  • primitivejane

    Anything that is mass produced as a collectable, is not worth very much, often times, not even their original price.


  • lindac

    Sorry....but if you can get 1/2 of what you paid for out of them you will be doing well.
    There have been many "collectors plates" over the past 25 or 30 years or so. fists editions of series made by companies like Bing and Grondale, or Hummel are most likely to retain some value and some may have increased in value. But not all...
    Collectables which were made to be collectables are not a good investment. You would have been better off collecting Wheaties boxes.
    Linda C

  • gpappy

    In case any of you have these, I am looking for the following:

    Moonlit Trail Collector Plate catalog reference - SKU 105602001

  • keith_markey_hotmail_com

    Anyone looking for plates? Please contact me.

  • ldyboots1_aol_com

    I have a large collection of plates. I would like to sell.

  • LatinLady

    Bradford Exchange created a comfortable nische for itself in their "Collectible" plates. The problem with owning these is that anything sold as "collectible" already has too many people buying them. The market becomes saturated. That lowers demand, which lowers value.

    One would be lucky to sell a Bradford Exchange plate for a third of its original cost. Luckily, I only purchased one and really love it, so I don't feel taken.

    Bradford Exchange exaggerated the value of their merchandise to their customers with clever marketing tactics:
    - Items sold as heirloom quality & an investment. The fact is that Bradford Exchange sold new plates with no real value.
    - Customers were led to believe that 95-150 firing days meant limited production numbers. The fact is that each editon created from 8,500 to 113,000 of each plate.
    - Plates marketed as "Limited Editions" were sometimes run to 100,000 plates produced & sold.

    "Collector" plates cannot be collector plates in a saturated market.

    Re: Buybacks:
    - Any attempts to sell back to Bradford Exchange will incur a 30% commission fee payable by you to the exchange.

    - Replacements.com is a huge rip-off. They don't even pay you 1/4 of what they will charge customers for the items you sell them.

    - There is no movement of these plates on the online auction sites like, e-Bay, Goodwill, Etsy.

    - The best way to sell these is through a local consignment shop. That will bring you the highest price; perhaps 1/2 the original price. Speak with your local shops about displaying your plates there on consignment. They will want a cut of the profit. Alternately, you can e-mail a few vintage shop keepers and let them know that if they have any customers who come in looking for these, you have them. Provide your contact number. Some shop keeper may want a cut of the profits for the referral. If you have a large collection, you may want to come to an agreement on percentage of each plate sold, just to keep things moving.

    All the best to you!

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