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Help! Granite backsplash overlapping mirror?

13 years ago

We are in the middle of a remodel, and I have run into a bit of a problem.

We decided to leave the 4'x10' mirror up, for a variety of reasons... but let's not go there, ok?

The old vanity was really short (like 29") and the new one is 34.5". This places the top of the granite, about 1/2" above the edge of the mirror, and then the backsplash will be up another 4".

This wouldn't be too bad, but the vanity is only 6', and the other 4' of mirror is over the tub.

Any advice? Can I get a "It will look fine Dave, don't worry"?

Here is a picture of the new tub deck; the vanity will go to the right of it against the wall (where the pipes are sticking out of the wall).

From Allison Park - Bathroom Remodal

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