Oven porcelain lining flaking/chipping...Only with blue?

11 years ago

I've read complaints of the porcelain chipping/flaking/pitting in Electrolux and Wolf ovens, and have had it happen in my Fisher & Paykel. All of them have blue interiors. The repair tech who came to my house said that Bosch was the first to have a blue interior, and they have a patent on their process or 'recipe' that others haven't been able to emulate, and that Bosch are the only blue ovens he hasn't had to replace because of chipping/flaking.

Mine is now being replaced with the new F&P, which has a gray or black interior, so I'm wondering...Has anyone had this problem with anything other than blue? Is it happening with the dark gray or black interiors but no one is noticing because the metal underneath is the same color, so it's more difficult to notice?

F&P and 2 different repair techs assured me it shouldn't hurt the oven or affect the use. However, in a current thread about a Wolf range with this problem, the Wolf owner and an Electrolux owner say they have little shards of the porcelain (actually thin glass) moving around in their ovens when the fans are on, landing on their food or pan lids. Since the Wolf owner got a hand injury from one of these pieces, both owners justifiably fear unexpectedly swallowing them, too.

So...Only blue oven interiors are at risk, or all?

Here is a link that might be useful: Related discussion about Wolf oven problem

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