24' fridge-Blomberg VS Summit

8 years ago

Hell all.

I am planning to buy a 24" wide fridge, either Blomberg BRFB1150 or Summit FFBF245SSLH. Summit is cheaper about $700 than Blomberg. I think Blomberg looks nicer (That's why it's pricy.?) How about the function. Can anyone tell me pre and con regarding their functions?

Thank you for your help.

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  • alexrander
    8 years ago

    I have a different model of 24" fridge by Summit, the CP 171-ss, and I like it. If you go to AJ Madison's website, you'll find a few customer reviews on the various models.

  • Shinorin
    Original Author
    8 years ago

    Thank you alexr. Summit Cp171 is described as a commercial use. Can you use
    it at home? Does it spend so much electricity? Also I believe that it is two compressor that is nice, but not auto frost. How often do you have to defrost it and how long it takes?
    I appreciate it if you can tell me...

  • beaniebakes
    8 years ago

    I've had the slightly larger Summit FFBF285SS for about three years and love it. Capacity is 13.8 cf. Well designed, attractive, holds more than I expected. Front is brushed stainless (though not of the quality of higher end units)and sides are grey. Mine is in a cabinet, so the sides aren't visible. Freezer has three compartments, a top shelf and two drawers. The top shelf is full depth, the drawers are not. Capacity is OK for me (I live alone). Very quiet; occasional clanky noises during defrost cycle; hard to explain but nothing bothersome. Condensation forms on rear wall (noted in various online posts) but again, nothing major, just a quirk . Manufactured in Turkey. I once saw a Blomberg in a store and it looked exactly the same. Hope this helps.

  • alexrander
    8 years ago

    Mine is made in Denmark by Vestfrost. There are so many lool-alike fidges, so it's hard to really know what the differences are. I find I have to defrost the freezer about once a year. The freezer can be set very very cold if you want.

    Also you can shut it off completely and still run the fridge and vice versa.(You can defrost the freezer without turning off the upper fridge section) I don't know about power usage, probably not the lowest, because it has two compressors, but not too high either, because it's not self defrosting all the time. I'm happy with it, but have not compared it to other models.

  • beaniebakes
    8 years ago

    My Summit has only one compressor and it's self-defrosting. I was interested in the Vestfrost because of the dual compressors, but at the time I was shopping around couldn't find it online or at any local store. It was being marketed under the name ConServ as an energy efficient fridge for solar homes but I think there were distribution problems. A local store was able to order the Summit at a very competitive price.

  • lee676
    8 years ago

    Also consider Fagor FFJA4845X, 3FCA-68NFX, or FCA-86 ART. Never seen one IRL but they look nice online.

  • davidro1
    8 years ago

    I would get the commercial one, the CP171. I studied it a lot and found out why it was rated as commercial. It turns out that a couple aspects of it were never re-engineered when the new category boundaries were made, so it had to be categorized as commercial although it functions perfectly in a residential setting.

    F.y.i., noise is never part of the categorization process because noise is deemed irrelevant by the category makers. Now that is dumb. So, a quiet fridge is never rewarded by the award, certification and designation process. Be glad that Asians and Europeans pay a lot of attention to noise. The work they do to reduce noise is a boon to your ears.

    The other Summits I cannot comment about. Blomberg is good. If any of these imported fridges has condensation on the "back wall" (inside the fridge), this is a good thing, and it is part of the design, not a fault. Passive cooling is the best for food. Restaurant fridges have a lot of condensation in them. They do not have frost-free circuitry.


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