Ruined induction cooktop, risking electrocution?

8 years ago

Hello! First, thanks to this forum I made great choices in appliances when we built our home a few years ago. One of my all-time favorite decisions has been our induction cooktop, a dream! I could go on...

BUT! I just ruined it by forgetting a pot of boiling water for a long time. (We were having a fantastic party outside, and, you know...)

So, the water boiled out and the heat of the empty pot (a Le Creuset stockpot) cracked the top - in a major way. I cleaned up the mess and taped the cracked glass with heavy duty packing-type tape, and I have been using the other hobs without any problems as I strategize our replacement. The cracks don;t get near the other hobs, but they are large and there are several.

Today, I went to the manual to see about the installation measurements (to try to minimize the headache that the replacement will be) and I see a warning that says this:

"Cracks in the hob: Risk of Electrocution! Disconnect the unit from the mains if the cooking hob is broken or cracked."

What does this mean, exactly? Can anyone tell me whether what I am doing is unsafe? Does the hob refer to the glass/ceramic top or is the hob the interior parts (that I can't see).

I have not noticed anything wrong, or smelling funny, etc. as I use the other 4 hobs. When I discovered the pot, the heat was still on, but of course I have not turned that burner on since. I have been cooking with the other 4 for a week now.

I have a family of 5, so not using the cooktop would be a huge inconvenience, but I would obviously stop using it if the warning is legit. Also, I don't know exactly what I'll replace it with yet, so it could be some time before I get a new one installed.

(BTW, the unit I have is a discontinued Siemens 36", which I can't find, so I have to begrudgingly find a new model. Did I mention I loved it?)

If anyone has some electrical/appliance knowledge who can help me consider the risk of using the remaining hobs, I'd be so appreciative.

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