saving significant money?

10 years ago

Like other readers I am in great distress, this house was supposed to be done in August and I can't even firm up plans to get solid bids. The plans denote the price, yet no one can price without the plans.If I over plan I may over pay and not afford it. I thought I had come to my final conclusion by hugely reducing my upstairs floor plan from 3700 to 1000 sf. I have 2550 on the main floor, In order to reduce the upstairs I decided the bedroom on the main had to be a true master, thus I would need to add about 300 sf to main living space. I have spoken to different seemingly knowledgable people and most say, I am saving pennies. Please give me another opinion. I assume it has to do with the pitch of the roof and the potential attic space. second issue;My husband insists that the 12K price he was quoted for a suspended garage not including walls mind you is a better price than going over the garage. ques one will I save by reducing 2700 but adding 3-400 on main which also means more basement and 2 under or over the garage? Last question. If I have a sport court in my basement and its just 10 feet of concrete unfinished, and I have no intention of finishing it soon, why do people keep saying it would cost less to create and outbuilding!? which by the way would not be allowed.

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