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Removing Blood Stains

August 2, 2004

My DH got scratched by one of our bed kitties and he did not realize that he was bleeding quite a lot... and simply went back to sleep... well blood got into the cotton sheets and pillow case and set up ...... DH never told me about it until I pulled the sheets to wash them today. (He makes the bed because he sleeps a couple of hours later than I do..)

I bleached the sheets today and it did not budge the blood. So I tried Oxy Clean paste... still did not budge it....

Anyone got any suggestions?

(I got DH a box of bandaids to set by the bed too..lol)



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  • bostonpat_gw

    I've removed blood stains from white sheets using Oxyclean powder - I did have to soak them for a few days. What color are your sheets? Hydrogen peroxide is known to work on blood.

  • Wachusettgrad61

    The sheets are a floral print... I will try the soaking in Oxy for a couple of days.... and watch to see what happens...

  • dody

    The magic process to get blood out of fabric is to lay the blood stained fabric in cold water. Then take table salt and pour it on. Let it set about 20 minutes. You would not believe how good this lifts the blood right out. This will even work on something that has been put thru the dryer.


  • Carina

    The salt trick works!
    I know hydrogen peroxide works on "fresh" blood stains, but I'm not sure about already washed stains.

  • Wings2W

    Salt is used by hospitals. It breaks down proteins.


  • Wendy_the_Pooh

    Next time, if there is a next time, use saline solution to lift the blood cells, rather than lyse (bust) them.


  • kframe19

    Meat tenderizer also works. The salt and the enzymes really go after the blood proteins.

    I've also heard that soaking in distilled white vinegar works.

  • kaye820

    Spray N Wash works great. It will even take out set-in blood stains. Just soak stain with spray and let sit overnight, then spray again before washing. DH works in the yard a lot and this has saved many a pair of shorts!

  • Wachusettgrad61

    I combine two methods.... I mixed salt and meat tenderizer and it worked... I had already tried spray and wash, and that did not do a thing.... There is a bit of a tinge left, but I can live with that...
    Thank you all so very much...


  • HappuCooker

    hydrogen peroxide works. even on dried blood. my doctor friend told me . works everytime.

  • joepyeweed

    i am glad i read this thread - my dh has a medical condition that causes his bad feet and legs to often "weep" onto our sheets - and sometimes spray and wash works but not very well after the sheets have already been washed and dried... cant wait to try it ...

  • Millie_36

    50/50 solution of Era detergent and water will also work on dried on blood. I just keep a spray bottle mixed up to pretreat all stains on clothing...white or colors.

  • Daisy7

    Awesome from the dollar stores.......

  • joann23456

    I've always heard to use cold water, because warm water sets the stain. Never heard about the salt, but I will try!

  • smom40

    Hydrogen peroxide for fresh stain as soon as possible. (Worked in a hospital for years and this was sometimes an issue.) Also for any hospital personel, peroxide works for betadine stains.

    Told this trick to a neurologist who was beyond peeved that his egyptian cotton tailor-made shirt got sprayed from betadine.

    I ran into him about three months later and he was ever so grateful..and nice to me ever since! LOL (I don't even want to think about how much that shirt cost.)

    Full strength drenching wet over the stain, and if you cannot wash it immediately, stick it in a plastic bag so it doesn't dry (but don't wait too long). Also stick a rag in the bag BEHIND the stain so that it doesn't bleed into the fabric that hasn't been stained.

    I also use Gain on colored fabrics, but I daresay anything that has enzymes should work on blood. And Tide with Bleach on whites. Spray and Wash if it's small area can work too.

    Whatever you do or try, the priority is to get it washed as soon as possible. And check the stain before sticking it into the dryer. If it's still there, try another product, but don't dry it if you can help it.

  • talley_sue_nyc

    I heard cool but not COLD water--I thought really COLD water would set the stain, too.

    And never, never heat-dry it (in the dryer) until the stain is out.

    My mom swore by meat tenderizer for "monthly" stains. I've found that if the stain is fresh, I can often rub it out between my knuckles w/ bar hand soap (not liquid.

  • good36

    Peroxide full strength, just pour on stain. Works good on mattress's too. Simple and cheap. SMOM I work in healthcare too so this comes in handy.
    Judy Good

  • adventek_comcast_net

    Wow -- peroxide plus?! I referred to this thread to get a blood stain out of one of my many white shirts, but there was still a slight brownish stain.

    So, I looked around the house and noticed a bottle of Crest Whitening Rinse, which my son used on his teeth once or twice, was on the bathroom sink counter. Besides water and glycerin, the next most active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. But, it has other whiteners.

    With nothing to lose, I put it on a blood-soaked sleeve with old and new stains, returned the bottle to the bathroom, and when I came back is was so WHITE I washed it off in cold water and then machine-washed it, also in cold water.

    There is not a hint of a stain remaining -- none at all! I wore the shirt after that, and it is just fine.

  • bud_wi

    Hydrogen peroxide. I learned this from a dentist friend of mine. Works like nothing else.

    I had a flea problem with my cat once and the "flea poop" is dried blood. It was on my bed, towels, and curtains. Hydrogen peroxide took the blood stains right out. Even the old stains.

  • kitchendetective

    Wine Away, as per directions on bottle.

  • ambergon33_gmail_com

    The salt and cold water worked on carpet as well!!

  • bulldinkie

    In dialysis we use peroxide,comes right out

  • krissie55

    Owner of the blood stain will need to use their own saliva to remove their blood stains. This only works on your own blood.

  • benlinus

    Spray water on the affected area. If you don't have a spray bottle, wet a clean, white cloth with cold water and put it on the stained area. You might need to change the cloth as needed.

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