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Remove Perspiration Odor from Clothes

16 years ago

My job requires me to be in and out of car. When it's really hot and humid, I can't find any deodorant to help me. I've tried Mitchum, etc. Even worse, I noticed that there was a lingering odor under the arms of my knit tops even after they were washed.

The good news is I found a way to get that lingering odor out of my clothes---by adding 4 cups of table salt along with my detergent to a full load of clothes. After they agitated a few minutes, I turned the washer off and let them soak overnight. Next morning, I turned the washer back on and let it finish.

Yayyyyyy, all of the perspiration odor is gone from my clothes! A nice, cheap, easy way to solve the problem. Now I'll be picking up the large box of salt at Costco.

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