What is a tub/shower trim kit?

10 years ago


I am trying to figure out what a trim kit is and what does it usually include?

Our house was built in 1998. I want to do a semi-remodel on our master bath without spending a small fortune.

I've started on my way to freshening it up by painting the vanity a dark french roast, with new onyx porcelain floor tile (a marble look), FS paint in a gorgeous medium green, new lighting and a satin nickle sink faucet. I'm not planning on spending a king's ransom, by any means. Or not a typical HGTV budget, anyway.

We are also putting new flooring throughout the house.

Goodbye yucky carpet!

(By the way, both bathrooms previously had CARPET!)

Problem is, that we have a 3 piece, tub filler/shower with a single acrylic knob set made by Delta from 1998. I'm assuming that since it is from that era, that it doesn't have the valves, flow and thermostatic controls etc. that the modern faucets do.

I do know that when my husband turns on the outside spigot to water the lawn, I will scream if I'm in the shower.

My question is, how do I improve the cosmetic features without tearing out the whole wall for a new system? (It is already tiled in white 4x4 and that's OK for now.

(It is not financially reasonable at this time to re-tile it, nor, tear out the wall.)

Would a trim kit do the trick? Is that what I need?

What specs do I shop for?

How do I figure out what the rough-in is like without ripping out the walls? Is there any way to get the model, collection name, or just some specs?

I can't find anything on the faucet itself other than the Delta name.

It's very confusing and a time consuming self education in order to try to find plumbing answers. Plus, I have a lot going on right now with the kitchen and the rest of the house getting new flooring and paint in the next few weeks. (Choosing paint, OMG!)

So, that's why I came here.

We can always synchronize the time for showering and watering the lawn.

I just want some nice looking shower and bath faucets to go with my other upgrades.


Thanks for any info. Much appreciated!

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