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waterless cookware

April 4, 2006

went to the home show and watched the demo of the waterless cookware. Of course he offered a GREAT (yea right) price if you bought it from him right there.

does anyone have this cookware? this one was made by west Bend, which i know is a great company. but i know other people make the cookware also.

do you use it, like you should?

is it worth the price?

any suggestions?

I see other makers on e-bay

Linda in Tennesssee

Comments (9)

  • mercedes_stewart

    So, how much do they want now for that "marvelous" cookware? My 2 cents: don't spend a dime on that. It isn't worth it, it never was, it never will. And, ask yourself, really, Why does waterless cookware happen to be sold **exclusively** at home shows/As-seen-on-TV websites?

  • linda_intennessee

    well, the cheapest set was $1,299.00
    and he would throw in 3 other pieces........to the first 5 people that bought a set....
    someone asked him for a price list, and he said if you will wait until my demo is over, i will give you one. If not then come back to another demonstration...it struck me kinda rude........
    he then remarked, that those of us that just left without buying, just didn't care about our health.
    thanks for the thought/

  • eandhl

    Do you know how many pieces of LeCruset, lodge castiron and All Clad you could buy for $1299? The waterless is no deal and seriously doubt it is as good much less better than above mentions makes as well as many more.

  • mccall

    My sister has cooked with waterless cookware that at the time was about $800 to $1000 don't remember for sure, anyway she has cooked with it for over 30 years and uses nothing else and swears by it. Of course she has also taken good care of it.

  • n2cookin

    Why exactly is it called waterless? My mom has a set and has cooked on it for 30 yrs I know. I remember as a teen having to scrape it clean until my fingers bled, everything stuck to it! She bought me a set at an auction 10 yrs ago and I told her to store it in her attic. I'm not ready to give up my nonstick. That's for people who have all day to soak and scrape!

  • rosieo

    I bought a set called Foreverware that's waterless. It sells for around $225 all over the net. I really like it and I felt it was a great deal.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Foreverware Waterless Cookware

  • is336_yahoo_com

    On 4/12/08 my wife and I went to our locale home-show in search of a great deal on cookware. We stumbled upon the only cookware available and that was waterless:( To our amazement the cheapest set went for $1695.95(8pieces) and the largest went for $5000+ (35-45pieces)?????? needless to say we checked out the web and found numerous deals for comparable cookware under $400.00.

  • leel

    I'm still scratching my head over this enchantment with waterless cooking. As far as vegetables are concerned, a good deal of the same thing can be done in a MW, which most of us already have and, if we don't, they can be had much more cheaply than these exorbitantly Priced (read: fish, as in sucker) cookware sets. Much other cooking requires some sort of moisture, whether it be oil or broth, etc.

  • deanb

    Marketing, marketing, marketing. It reminds me of Cutco knives. If they could really compete with other high quality products you'd see them in retail stores where you could do a side by side comparison. A good salesman can sell salt water to a sailor.

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