Vintage handkerchiefs

13 years ago

I left this message on another forum (Trash to Treasure) but I think this is maybe more appropriate. I bought several vintage hankies off of e-bay. They are yellowed a bit, but yellowed with age (a good thing.) I want to do something special with them. I was thinking about something in a frame, but I just don't know. Anyone got any suggestions for me?

Thanks, Beth

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  • Cheri_C
    13 years ago

    I know that you were wanting something more framed, but I just had to show you this Quilt made from old Handkerchiefs.

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  • evelyn_craftdiva
    13 years ago

    Here is a site with a few ideas. Hope you find something that you can use.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Handkerchief Crafts

  • anjabee
    13 years ago

    cheric~ that is a gorgeous quilt! Thanks for sharing the pic. ~Anj

  • grittymitts
    13 years ago

    Wow, that's a beauty! Sure makes me wish I quilted since I collect them & have scads.


  • thrift_shop_romantic
    13 years ago

    That is absolutely lovely. I've never seen the handkerchief quilts done quite like that. Terrific!


  • luvstocraft
    13 years ago

    Cheri, that is a gorgeous quilt. Did you make that one? What a great way to preserve old hankies too.

    Has anyone seen the pic from Better Homes and Gardens where they put them between two sheets of clear glass and hung them on a wall. The hankies look like they are floating against the wall, and are so pretty. You might search for it on the BHG website. I think I clipped a pic out of the magazine, I'll try to find it in my stash so I can show you.


  • Cheri_C
    13 years ago

    No I didn't make the Quilt. A friend of mine sent me the pic she had found on the Internet. I sure would love to have it!!!

  • patty1297
    12 years ago

    There are a few quilting books callled HanKie Pankie, or something like that, that shows several good projects. I also have been collecting the hankies and one day want to make that quilt. I think it is beautiful.

  • pattico_gw
    12 years ago

    I also collect old hankies...

    And I've posted this many times before...but many here are new.

    I got these ideas from a magazine about 6 years ago...Don't think I have a pic anymore.

    I scanned and printed out several of my hankies makeing a lot of can only get about half and maybe not quite wide enough ...But you use them as border in a room..Using wallpaper paste and overlapping them.

    I'm sure somewhere in my files I have the pictures and directions. If anyone is interested I can look to see if I can find them.

    My garden web email doesn't work, but I can be reached at
    pattico one at yahoo dot com.

    They also used them as a valance over curtains. Made pillows for the bed. Covered an Ivy jar with a hankie and tired it with a bow, to keep kleenexes in.


  • nanalulu
    12 years ago

    I saw you posted this awhile ago, but I am just now seeing it. I have a page on my website called What Can You Do With Vintage Handkerchiefs? You will find lots of ideas here.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Nanalulus Linens and Handkerchiefs

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