noisy neighbors

12 years ago

It is a long story, but I am going to try and shorten it as much as possible. It all started two years and two months ago. We saved for 10 years and then bought a house and spent another year rehabbing the entire house inside and out and did all the work ourselves so we would have the money to buy our dream home, which we moved into two years ago. The first week we were in the house our neighbor started playing music that was so loud that we couldn't escape it anywhere in our house. We could even hear it over our TV. Our houses are close, about 10 feet or so apart. Our bedrooms are on the side of the house that our neighbor lives too. I am going to call my neighbor Fred to make it easier.

We waited a year to even complain to Fred about his music because we were hoping that someone would build a house on the other side of him and complain about the music. That never happened. We also wanted to get along with our neighbor since there was no house of the other side of us either. We have been stressed about this for two years now. Anyway, a year ago my husband decided to start knocking on Fred's door when the music was just so loud we couldn't stand it or we wanted to go to bed. He would stop for that day. It got to the point that Fred stopped answering the door when hubby went over there. So we contacted the HOA and they sent him a letter. They told us that next time we would have to contact the police. He quit playing the music for about four months. Of course he called the city on us to get us back and the HOA for something else. Once again this fall his music started back up and got more and more frequent towards X-mas. It got so bad one night that my daughter was studying for her finals for college and couldn't study because of the music. So hubby once again went over and knocked on Fred's door and told asked him if he couldn't turn it down or wear headphones. He did turn it off but told hubby he was startiing a band!! Well that was the straw that broke this camels back!! We decided that next time we were calling the police.

So next time we did file a report. The officer can in our house first and heard the music and said we should not have to hear it in our home. He went over and told Fred to turn it down and that we had a court date. Fred told the cop that if we didn't like it we should move!

He continued a few days later to play the music again all day long. After four hours we called the cops again. She just told him to turn it down and he lied to her and said we complained about everything and wouldn't even let him mow his grass! What a liar.

So now Fred has decided to make more noises and wake me up at 5:30 am with the dog outside my bedroom window barking and then at 6:00 am sitting in the driveway racing his motor. On top of still playing the loud music.

After him keeping us up once again until 11:30 pm at night on top of all the new noises he was making we went up to the police station and filed another report. I don't know what that cop said to him but it must have been bad. My hubby was outside Sunday replacing lightbulbs and Fred called him over saying can't we just get along. When hubby goes over there Fred commenced to tell hubby that IF we don't drop the charges that in veiled threats he would get my hubby fired, that he and his buddies are carrying concealed handguns now, and that our house would never be safe again. So he threatened our lives, our home and my husbands job.

We are scared to death of this lowlife piece of crap. We feel like we are living in the ghetto when in fact we live in an upper class subdivision with all brand new homes. We are afraid because we know what type of person he is and that he will get us back no matter how long it takes. If we could have we would have moved out the first week we were here. We knew we were going to suffer in this house with him living next door. I could tell you other things about him, but I need some kind of advice. Should we tell the officer about the threats or should we drop the charges? He did say that when this was all over with he was installing a state of the art home theater and he was going to crank it as high as he could! He also said that he knows all about my husband's life and that he would not be safe. My hubby asked if we couldn't all sit down and work this out. Did I mention that I suffer from migraines and I also have an auto immune disease that both keep me home almost all the time. I can't even work, so I am home to listen to his music night and day. He doesn't work as he owns his own business so he is home all day too.

How the heck do you win against a person like this?? He also threatened to sue us for harassment. I am pretty sure he is harassing us but we all know things are backwards any more.

I was so upset that I spent the night at the emergency room Friday night because I thought I was having a heart attack! They said I didn't but my heart was in distress and now I have to go through all kinds of tests.

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